4 Myths about the Internet of Things

April 3rd, 2013 — Mark Littlewood

Interesting read Kishore Swaminathan, Chief Scientist at Accenture, on the possibilities of the Internet of Things and the myths of the things that are stopping the thing called the Internet of things happening.

Accenture myths about the IoT toasters refrigerators internet of things from The BLN

Myth 1.

  • IoT is a Technology. IoT is a concept, not a technology you would buy. (See also).

Myth 2.

  • IoT is the next wave of the Internet. The closest some devices will get to the Internet is using TCP/IP protocols.

Myth 3.

  • Regulations on data privacy is a critical enabler of the IoT. Privacy concerns might give rise to more innovative business models, but that is no reason to hold off on understanding what the IoT means for businesses.

Myth 4.

  • IoT needs device communication standards. Standards never hurt but most devices will be communicating for specialist and limited reasons.


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