Here are some of the many testimonials from entrepreneurs & investors who have attended a BLN event:

“Enjoyable, useful, high calibre people and a hugely thought provoking discussion. Thank you.”

CEO, Future Publishing

“Great event, the ideas kept me awake last night and I've already deployed some changes in my business today!”

CEO, Handpoint

“Fantastic, inspiring event – thank you!”

Principal, Balderton

“Good work last night, brilliant event and very well organised.”

CEO, Batr.tv

“I also loved how you mixed things up too with Q&A, different stage locations, chat, show of hands/stands, one-to-one surgery etc. Great evening. Thanks.”

Director, WhatIfInnovation

“Great to meet you last night - thought it was a fantastic event with a really interesting group of folks. Look forward to the next one.”

Partner, MMC Ventures

“I am not usually a big fan of networking events but this structured event in a smaller group enabled me to learn more about the individual businesses and people while also talking through what we are doing in enough detail to get feedback and test assumptions.”

CEO, Cogenta

“Yesterday didn’t disappoint: you did your usual excellent job as MC and facilitator.  For me personally it was very timely and inspirational: the combination of at times brutal honesty and immensely practical advice from a series of respected and credible entrepreneurs was enough to inspire even the most cautious of businesses to go and raise their game.  The day ended on a real high with a succession of excellent and entertaining speakers in the final session – not an easy feat to pull off.  I’m sure I wasn’t alone in feeling galvanized into taking action to tackle head-on some of the challenges that have been holding back our business growth.”

CEO, Sentec

“You do an exceptional job of encouraging people to network.”

CEO & Founder, ChoiceQuote

“Thank you and team for such a great conference yesterday - very interesting speakers, audience mix, and really enjoyed the panel.”

CSO, Somo Agency

“I really enjoyed the day; there were some great panel discussions and presentations.”

Head of Innovation, Volume

“It was an awesome event. I loved it.”

CEO, Eagle Eye Solutions

“Congrats on a great event.  Really enjoyed it and meeting the great companies that were there.”

Partner, Highland Capital

“Quick note to say thank you for what I thought was an excellent evening this week. In my humble opinion, your events are getting better and better, partly reflecting the caliber of people and of their contribution. Certain other gatherings in this industry are full of people spouting bollox, frankly. Your events are absolutely excellent, extremely useful and I am sure greatly valued by everyone who is fortunate to attend.”

CEO, AskPeopleYouKnow

“Thanks for a useful and interesting evening, as always, there was a well-judged crowd and you drove an informative discussion, and the format gave plenty of chance to meet a few different people without being rushed.”

Partner, Gresham Private Equity

“Thanks for inviting me last night - thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile.”

CEO/FOunder, ByBox

“Great event, really enjoyable and a good crowd.”

Partner, Piper Private Equity

“Thanks for a very enjoyable event, well facilitated (encouraged mixing and discussion without being awkward or overly formal – a rare balance) and some really interesting people to meet.”

Director, World Stores

“It was a true pleasure to attend this BLN event. In 2009 and 2010 I have attended quite a number of networking events in Europe and in APAC (these were the regions I was the head of sales for) and I must say that your event was one of the best ones. It is probably because you:

  • selected a good crowd with enough common denominators
  • made it clear from the beginning that we have an agenda: serious networking
  • timetabled and conducted the whole thing with just the correct touch of führer attitude ;-)
  • picked a venue that was relaxing and favoured discussions

VP Corporate Development, Ixonos

“Thank you - a very useful, well orchestrated and high quality conversation.  Much appreciated.  Felt challenged to contribute sufficiently to justify my presence, which is good.”

CEO, Ideaworks Labs

“Another great event, really enjoyable and super relevant and practical for me as well.”

VP, MD EMEA, inMobi

“Thanks again for a great event last night, it was awesome to meet so many fantastic people in one place.”

Founder, Readness

“BLN dinners and forums are all about connecting people together and building the network. The BLN team go out of their way to make that happen every time. You never leave without having made serious and valuable connections."”

VP, Silicon Valley Bank

“Great People! Great Food! Fantastic Organization efforts! Kudos!”

Director, Goetz Partners

“I really enjoyed the informal style which allowed for a lot of interaction. Ideal.”

Founder & Chairman, Gael Quality