Great news precipitates work crisis

My partner in crime at the BLN, Darren Harper and I sat down at the end of last year to plan a programme of events out or the first six months of the year. Darren is by nature more of a planner than I and he and his wife Amy were expecting their first child in June. We thought we should pack some events in between Easter and mid May so that he could kick back a bit, relax and enjoy time with his new child when it arrived. Babies often arrive early (my first arrived one week early when my wife went into labour approximately 23 minutes after we looked at each other and said, ‘Great, everything is ready. Lets enjoy some time together before the onslaught’)

With three events in the next two weeks we were looking forward to a busy time before a relatively quiet time in June.

Appears that things just got busier…

I am delighted that Darren and Amy have acquired an awesome baby Lucas Alexander Harper who was born yesterday afternoon. He is an amazing little man (Lucas not Darren) and mother and baby are doing well. When I saw Darren this morning he almost exploded with pride. I know that you will wish them well.

I hope that he will get a chance to put a picture up to share soon although given Darren’s propensity to tweet and blog, this may take some time.

This does mean that I have a bit of a work crisis on so would ask your indulgence. I will be spinning lots of plates.

  • If you are coming to an event I look forward to seeing you there but if you need to return a profile, please don’t make me chase.
  • If you are expecting to hear back from Darren on something, please call me if you need an urgent answer (07760 171 929).

Lundy Island lamb

Congratulations Amy and Darren. Welcome to the world Lucas. Your parents are great people. X.