Investors I like Part 1

Having said in a recent post that I was getting bored of investors being gloomy and the ones that got my attention spoke about how cool their portfolios were, I thought I would like to make a point of naming the ones that do.

First on my list is Chris Smart at Acacia Capital (formerly IDG Ventures). I bumped into him at Stansted Airport on Wednesday on the way to a dinner we organised in Edinburgh this week. We were in the queue for security and I took out my iPhone to be scanned and he pounced.

“Ah, an iPhone, do you have the Shazam app? It is amazing. Listens to and recognises music, tells you who is playing on the radio or in a club, Synchs to iTunes. Available as a free download from the iStore…”

As it happens, I did – but two of the people I was travelling with didn’t and by the time we got to Pret a Manger for a pre-flight caffeine injection, both of them had it thanks to Chris’s boundless enthusiasm – and a very cool product.

Bad photo

On the flight, I took the world’s worst photo – from my iPhone, through a plane window, blindly as I was in the aisle seat, as the plane accelerated bumpily down the runway. Shame as I don’t get to see Air Force 1 every day.

Air Force 1 from EZY235

Air Force 1 from EZY235