Apple Developer Conference. Who cares but this is an analyst’s view

In case you missed it (all normal people and geeks with PCs and Blackberrys), Apple had a conference to announce all their usual stuff in their usual razamattaz way. Despite much hype Steve Jobs wasn’t lowered triumphally into the arena for his much heralded return athough I hope he is better soon – both for him and the legions of Apple ‘fanboys’.

I think this is the apple logo

I think this is the Apple logo

Despite breaking almost all of the rules of the new economy about openness etc, Apple makes brilliant products – even if they are overpriced. Their success comes from owning all elements of their product from hardware to software which makes it possible to control how they run much better – Microsoft has a much bigger issue making software that works on thousands of different types of PCs – the price they pay for dominating a global market.

It appears that the new version of the iPhone camera will ALMOST work like the Nokia phone I had 4 years ago except that it will have 3 Mp imaging not the 6Mp that I was used to. Who knows, Apple may even start delivering an iPhone that has some of the basic functions of other phones like video, cut and paste functions, search etc. Delighted to hear that I will be able to really sophisticated things like send picture messages. Why do I still love my iPhone…?

Lots of excitement from Apple enthusiasts. Appears that it has been reasonably well received by proper analysts. This report, from Merrill Lynch BoA considers Apple from a business perspective and is encouraged (although not overwhelmed) by what they hear. Interesting counterpoint to the usual zealous propoganda.