Holiday reading via my social networks

Before I went on holiday his summer I sent a message to Twitter and Facebook asking if anyone would recommend some good holiday reading. May of the people I am connected to me only know me through Twitter so I was interested to see what happened. I was surprised at how many incredibly good suggestions I got back, many from people who don’t know my reading habits.

19 people suggested 54 books of which I had read and enjoyed about half.

Of the remaining suggestions, I removed the odd business book – this was a vacation about family, wine, cheese and relaxing.

I bought about 10 of the reamining ones, fairly at random, from Amazon and ended up with some great reading that I would probably have never picked for myself.

Holiday reading

Holiday reading

Special thanks in no particular order to Andrew, Neil, Jane, Matt, Jo, Kathy for suggesting books I hadn’t read, did and really enjoyed.

I was surprised just how much I enjoyed recommendations and will definitely repeat the experiment next time. I recommend you do too.

Some of the highlights of my holiday reading:

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