Silicon Valley comes to Cambridge CEO Workshops

In association with Silicon Valley comes to Cambridge (SVC2C), we are running a half-day, workshop for a qualified group of Cleantech and Web CEOs on the morning of Saturday, 21st November. This will be an extraordinary opportunity to meet and learn from some of the leading entrepreneurs and investors  in Silicon Valley.

Applications to participate in the CEO workshop must be received by 7th November.

Here is the list of the currently confirmed SVC2C participants:*

  • Allen Morgan, Mayfield Fund, Managing Director
  • Biz Stone, Twitter, Co-Founder
  • Blake Krikorian, Sling Media, Founder
  • Bob Cart, Greenvolts, Founder
  • Brett Bullington, Angel Investor
  • Caterina Fake, Flickr, Founder
  • Hans Peter Brondmo, Plum, Founder
  • Hugo Barra, Google Mobile, Group Product Manager
  • James Rosenthal, Google, Strategic Partnerships
  • Jeff Saperstein, Author, Writer
  • Jigar Shah, Carbon War Room, CEO
  • Julie Hanna Faris, Kiva, Chair of the Board
  • Limvirak Chea, Google, New Business Development
  • Mark Mitchell, Serious Materials, COO
  • Nick Heller, Google, Strategic Partnerships
  • Peter Thiel, PayPal, Founder, Investor
  • Premal Shah, Kiva, Founder
  • Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn, Founder, Exec Chairman
  • Rob Jonas, Google, Director of Strategic Partnerships
  • Robert Swerling, Google, New Business Development
  • Salar Kamangar, Google, Adwords Inventor
  • Ted Shelton, The Conversation Group, Partner
  • Toby Prehn, G2 Energy, Founder, Investor
  • Marc Tarpenning, Tesla, Founder

* Obviously, whilst these individuals are currently confirmed to attend the programme, we cannot guarantee the attendance of any individual due to circustances beyond our control.

To REGISTER, or read on for more details (including our TOP TIP for successful registration – IMPORTANT!).

We are seeking nominations from CEOs in Cleantech and Web companies in three categories:

  • Bootstrapped: No external funding, but incorporated for more than 1 year, have revenues.
  • Angel/VC backed: CEO whose company has received funding of at least £ 250,000 from at least one external investor.
  • Growth: CEO who have revenues of more than £ 1 mm p.a. regardless of whether they are backed by external investors.

The aims of these sessions are to:

  • Provide first-hand support on the financial, legal, marketing and other aspects of running a business.
  • Demonstrate the quality of UK entrepreneurs to senior Silicon Valley executives and entrepreneurs, offer insight and thought leadership.
  • Stimulate connections and engagement between entrepreneurs and organisations based in the UK and Silicon Valley.
  • Additionally, there may be limited opportunities for participants to demonstrate their business to other participants.

The process for applying to get involved is as follows:

  • Please apply to be considered by 7th November. Referrals can be made by investors, companies themselves or third parties although you should only apply if you are able to attend the event on 21st November.
  • Important As places are strictly limited, it is very likely that we will not be able to include all those CEOs that apply to attend and participate in this event. In this situation, the board of advisers, in collaboration with Silicon Valley guests will choose companies that they believe will create the biggest impact worldwide from meeting the guests here from Silicon Valley.
  • All applicants will be notified of the status of their applications by end of play on 12th November.
  • If we are not able to include applicants in the workshops, we will try to accommodate them at alternative events in the programme if this is at all possible. (Please note that the first Silicon Valley comes to Cambridge event was four times oversubscribed).

Whilst the application is simple, we strongly recommend that you give some thought to the application process – this may be used as the basis for your selection. Only one CEO from any one company can attend.

For more information about the programme, including other activities in the programme, please visit the SVC2C programme site.

(TOP TIP when registering – ONLY register in the category that you feel is most appropriate to you. If you register as a Boot strapped CEO, angel backed CEO AND a Growth company CEO, it severely reduces your likelihood of success as it makes you look like a chancer (we have had multiple multiple applications and they all, without exception, appear to come from people who are (1) not CEOs and (2) not companies that fit in any relevant category). Just thinking about setting up a business DOES NOT qualify you. We reserve the right to move people into other groups if they are relevant and interesting to visitors).

To register your interest click here. Good luck. We hope to see you there.

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