Do news & personal medicine deliver perfect mobile killer apps?

“San Fransisco based Flurry offers cutting-edge analytics, deployment and monetization tools for mobile application developers. Its services platform is offered free to application developers allowing them to better save money, increase revenues and improve their products. Flurry’s platform is built by developers for developers, based on its pioneering experience as one the first developers to build, deploy and market direct-to-consumer applications.” Flurry Website

While Flurry isn’t doing a great job of actually saying what it does, it has done a very interesting analysis of what stuff people use and don’t on their phones. Having looked at 2,000 apps and 200,000 million user downloads across multiple platforms they have a reasonable insight.

While not making reference to the price paid to purchase or use the apps, it is very obvious that fact-based apps are used most frequently and for the longest. This is good for developers of news and real time information.

App loyalty by category

App loyalty by category

You can see Flurry’s analysis here.

So has anyone invented the, ‘killer app‘? An app so important and useful that no-one can do without it?

Not according to these figures. Even the most important categories of app, based on metric of retention over time, are being used by less than 50% of users after 3 months.

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