Future of publishing – Tim Weller nails key publisher’s advantage

Tim Weller knows his way round B2B publishing. He founded Incisive Media in 1995 with 13 employees and has led it ever since doing some very high profile deals along the way. At peak, some 2,000 people worked at Incisive although the group has been through a painful restructuring over the past 18 months it is now an organisation of 700 people.

Tim Weller, CEO, Incisive Media

Tim Weller, CEO, Incisive Media

Restructuring the business has also meant that Incisive has focused on building the business it wants to be going forward in a way that has been harder for many other publishers. Tim just wrote his first blog post – a surprise as Incisive is remarkably web-centric as he proved at our recent discussion.  A bit of a rallying call for the troops, but some very valuable insights into what he is thinking.

One thing particularly stood out for. It is a hugely important point. I agree with him and I think will increasingly make a difference to established publishers as they make the move into new forms of distribution:

“Branded content and established brands matter more than ever; they stand out from the market noise, representing authority, trust and integrity. And, quality journalism represents a greater barrier to entry today, regardless of platforms and technology innovations.”

You can read the full post here.

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