Lifting the FA Cup. Ambition fulfilled. Happy birthday Darren

Darren, James and I were out last night at Chelsea Football Club for the Deloitte Fast 50 and European Fast 500 Awards. List of winners follows the picture but pleased to see that Darren achieved his ambition to (almost) lift the FA Cup before his 34th birthday even if there ere some dark mutterings about him wanting the ribbons to be the red of Liverpool FC rather than Chelsea colours.

FA CUp Winner Darren Harper

FA Cup Winner Darren Harper

The Deloitte Fast 500 EMEA Winners.

Biotekno Turkey Software 42417%
Millenicom Turkey Communications/Networking 39484%
Distribution Technology United Kingdom Software 18225%
Netlog Belgium Media/Entertainment 11285%
posterXXL AG Germany Internet 8931%
Albumprinter Netherlands Media/Entertainment 8820%
Heart Internet Ltd United Kingdom Internet 8548%
Daft Media Ltd Republic of Ireland Internet 8453%
ApaTech United Kingdom Biotech/Pharmaceutical/Medical Equipment 8318%
Cetech Turkey Communications/Networking 8193% Netherlands Media/Entertainment 7975%
Probability plc United Kingdom Software 7785%
Mobiliz Turkey Communications/Networking 7255%
Netmedia S.A. Poland Internet 7210%
BioAlliance Pharma France Biotech/Pharmaceutical/Medical Equipment 7070%
ApplicationNet b.v. Netherlands Other 7000%
Lincor Solutions Limited Republic of Ireland Software 6802%
Multi Phase Meters AS Norway Other 6732%
Miyowa France Software 6440%
Gameforge AG Germany Internet 6261%
Airties Wireless Networks Turkey Communications/Networking 5951%
Lovefilm International United Kingdom Media/Entertainment 5694%
Ecourier United Kingdom Other 5291% Netherlands Internet 5114%
Timico Limited United Kingdom Communications/Networking 5055%
Digital Planet Turkey Software 4840%
Broadbean Technology United Kingdom Internet 4802%
Aqwise Israel Greentech 4709%
SLA Mobile Northern Ireland Other 4436%
Red Bend Israel Software 4336%
Bigmouthmedia Ltd United Kingdom Internet 4111%
Bigpoint GmbH Germany Internet 4094%
Entraction Holding AB Sweden Software 3990%
Mobisis Turkey Other 3965%
IPNet Russia Communications/Networking 3883%
VirtuOz France Software 3815%
Traffic Broker United Kingdom Internet 3798%
OWEC Tower AS Norway Greentech 3657%
Connexions4London United Kingdom Internet 3425%
Imperva Israel Software 3375%
TeamNet International S.A. Romania Software 3317%
Retail Eyes United Kingdom Other 3295%
Auros Limited United Kingdom Internet 3294%
PicScout Israel Internet 3277%
Endero Oy Finland Software 3277%
Transmode Holding AB Sweden Communications/Networking 3195%
think-cell Software GmbH Germany Software 3154%
Quamediagroup France Internet 3095%
Roottori Oy Finland Communications/Networking 3062%
Ekinops France Communications/Networking 2938%
Easydentic France Other 2859%
MIP Technologies AB Sweden Biotech/Pharmaceutical/Medical Equipment 2666%
Book Depository (the) United Kingdom internet 2593%
Ambitiongroup System AS Norway Software 2540%
Ubisense United Kingdom Semiconductor, Components and Electronics 2513%
Feed Control Norway AS Norway Computers/Peripherals 2431% Sp. z o.o. Poland Internet 2411%
Netbasic United Kingdom Internet 2407%
Infradata BV Netherlands Communications/Networking 2388%
Sunrise System sp. z o.o. Poland Internet 2364%
Telerik Corp. Bulgaria Software 2327%
Olfeo France Software 2321%
BRIDGE Technologies CO AS Norway Communications/Networking 2309%
GittiGidiyor Turkey Communications/Networking 2286%
Enensys Technologies France Communications/Networking 2282%
Labyrintti Media Oy Finland Communications/Networking 2262%
INVIVOO France Software 2254%
Yatego GmbH Germany Internet 2252%
iSite Republic of Ireland Software 2240%
AEROW France Software 2218%
MAILinBlack France Software 2204%
Sqills Netherlands Software 2154%
Open Plug France Communications/Networking 2135%
we are:london United Kingdom Internet 2133%
Investor.BG AD Bulgaria Internet 2130%
TSI Solutions Netherlands Communications/Networking 2112%
Glasses Direct United Kingdom Internet 2098%
Dune Networks Israel Semiconductor, Components and Electronics 2082%
GBA Marine AS Norway Communications/Networking 2027%
BlueGnome United Kingdom Biotech/Pharmaceutical/Medical Equipment 2026%
Cinevation AS Norway Other 1927%
Bredband2 i Skandinavien AB Sweden Internet 1925%
Nutri Pharma ASA Norway Biotech/Pharmaceutical/Medical Equipment 1875%
pcextreme BV Netherlands Other 1857%
Nexway France Other 1845%
Jetshop AB Sweden Internet 1839%
Advanced Accelerator Applications France Biotech/Pharmaceutical/Medical Equipment 1827%
Jet Stream BV Netherlands Internet 1823%
Artec Aqua AS Norway Other 1815%
Bencom BV Netherlands Other 1807%
EDI-Soft AS Norway Other 1791%
SecurActive France Software 1778%
Agito S.A. Poland Internet 1744%
OTYS Recruiting Technology Netherlands Software 1744%
InfoGin Israel Software 1723%
Gehrlicher Solar AG Germany Other 1716%
Adversitement Netherlands Internet 1710%
METabolic EXplorer France Biotech/Pharmaceutical/Medical Equipment 1699%
ODS2 BV Netherlands Software 1693%
NetDialog BV Netherlands Software 1688%
zetVisions AG Germany Software 1667%
AROBS Transilvania Software S.R.L. Romania Software 1663%
Jagex Limited United Kingdom Other 1659%
safend Israel Software 1632%
Avvio Republic of Ireland Software 1593%
Deveryware France Software 1571%
IMPIKA France Other 1556% France Internet 1525%
Cobolt AB Sweden Semiconductor, Components and Electronics 1519%
NewBay Software Ltd Republic of Ireland Software 1510%
Fram Web AS Norway Internet 1498%
Metaboli France Media/Entertainment 1488%
AirSpeed Telecom Republic of Ireland Communications/Networking 1480%
Scalado AB Sweden Software 1476%
Merit Merrell Technology Limited United Kingdom Other 1462%
Cloverleaf Communication Israel Communications/Networking 1447%
Sensornet Ltd United Kingdom Other 1403%
AITIA International Informatics, Inc. Hungary Software 1399%
STM Savunma Turkey Other 1365%
LiveCom Netherlands Software 1364%
BIS Turkey Software 1342%
Vision Dynamics Group BV Netherlands Semiconductor, Components and Electronics 1335%
Entegre Enformasyon Sistemleri (EES) Turkey Software 1315%
Velti plc Greece Other 1308%
Severa Oyj Finland Software 1304% (TTY) Netherlands Internet 1304%
ibidi GmbH Germany Other 1298%
Vodasoft Call Center Solutions Turkey Other 1296%
Sievo Oy Finland Software 1296%
Assima United Kingdom Software 1290%
RADWIN Israel Communications/Networking 1286%
Greetz Netherlands Internet 1273%
TH_NK Ltd United Kingdom Media/Entertainment 1271%
Heeros Systems Oy Finland Software 1262%
Critical Software Ltd United Kingdom Internet 1262%
TCO AS Norway Other 1261%
Exensor Security International AB Sweden Software 1258%
ODIM ASA Norway Other 1218%
Servoy BV Netherlands Software 1214%
ProwebCE France Software 1203%
Intamac United Kingdom Internet 1202%
Visiplus France Internet 1193%
Quickflange AS Norway Other 1176%
picoChip United Kingdom Semiconductor, Components and Electronics 1171%
allied internet ag Germany Communications/Networking 1169%
Online Technology AS Norway Software 1160%
Tobii Technology Sweden Software 1158%
Echosens France Biotech/Pharmaceutical/Medical Equipment 1157%
Voltaire Israel Communications/Networking 1153%
Metallkraft AS Norway Greentech 1145%
EXECOM d.o.o. Serbia Software 1127%
Paneda AS Norway Communications/Networking 1126%
MCD Telecom Turkey Communications/Networking 1112%
Netapsys Conseil France Software 1111%
WEDIA France Software 1104%
AVM United Kingdom Other 1103%
Oodrive France Software 1097%
Innovar Solutions AS Norway Other 1084% Netherlands Internet 1082%
Marine Cybernetics AS Norway Software 1077%
ShoreConnection International AS Norway Software 1073%
Jerol Industri AB Sweden Biotech/Pharmaceutical/Medical Equipment 1071%
M4N Netherlands Internet 1069%
iDeal Teknoloji Turkey Other 1063%
EasyDate Ltd United Kingdom Internet 1062%
Anevia S.A. France Communications/Networking 1061%
Netigate AB Sweden Software 1049%
Micro Systemation AB Sweden Software 1022%
Skyscanner Ltd United Kingdom Internet 1013%
Blinker BV Netherlands Internet 1007%
Excelium France Other 1001%
REDTRAY Limited United Kingdom Other 999%
Bluefish Communications Ltd United Kingdom Communications/Networking 984%
Mobile Devices Ingenierie France Computers/Peripherals 973%
Bloxx United Kingdom Software 966%
Wizarbox France Other 966%
murphx Innovative Solutions Ltd United Kingdom Internet 960%
Asis Servis Istasyon Sistemleri Ltd Turkey Other 954%
OCAS AS Norway Semiconductor, Components and Electronics 952%
ESET, spol. s r.o. Slovakia Software 951%
Internett Trafikk Formidling AS Norway Communications/Networking 948%
QOSMOS France Communications/Networking 941%
Norse Solutions AS Norway Software 937%
Rocela Limited United Kingdom Software 935%
Computication BV Netherlands Other 934%
7digital United Kingdom Internet 928%
Widget UK Ltd United Kingdom Computers/Peripherals 924%
Karmoy Seismic AS Norway Other 920%
Telmap Ltd Israel Communications/Networking 916%
CM Telecom Netherlands Media/Entertainment 906%
BiZZdesign Academy Netherlands Software 898%
e-doceo France France Software 889%
SOITRON, a.s. Slovakia Communications/Networking 880%
Meda AB Sweden Biotech/Pharmaceutical/Medical Equipment 873%
Giant Leap Technologies AS Norway Semiconductor, Components and Electronics 870%
Speechi! France Software 866%
Grupa Pracuj Sp. z o.o. Poland Internet 864%
Nebula Oy Finland Communications/Networking 862%
Ocom B.V. Netherlands Internet 860%
Clean Tech East Holding AB Sweden Biotech/Pharmaceutical/Medical Equipment 853%
Todos Data System AB Sweden Software 849%
Emediate ApS Denmark Software 844%
Semilab Semiconductor Physics Laboratory Hungary Semiconductor, Components and Electronics 837%
PineApp Israel Software 835%
Floralis France Other 834%
O-bitTelecom Limited United Kingdom Communications/Networking 829%
openForce Information Technology GesmbH Austria Software 827%
CommTouch Software Limited Israel Software 825%
Nor-X Industry AS Norway Greentech 823%
Telio Holding ASA Norway Communications/Networking 798%
SOGELINK SAS France Internet 796%
SONOWAND AS Norway Biotech/Pharmaceutical/Medical Equipment 796%
ONELAN Limited United Kingdom Software 795%
INSIA a.s. Czech republic Internet 789%
Nimsoft AS Norway Communications/Networking 787%
Infront AS Norway Internet 783%
Cortix S.A. France Internet 782%
I-Real Holding BV Netherlands Software 782%
Progresstech LLC. Russia Other 776%
Invenoa Software & Communication Turkey Software 768%
NAVTURK Bilgi Sistemleri Ltd Turkey Software 763%
Wavecom – Soluções Rádio, Lda. Portugal Communications/Networking 761%
Opti-cal Survey Equipment Limited United Kingdom Other 757%
Sensys Traffic AB Sweden Semiconductor, Components and Electronics 755%
Reaktor Innovations Ltd. Finland Software 754%
LASCOM France Software 753%
itemis AG Germany Software 750%
Thunderhead Ltd. United Kingdom Computers/Peripherals 743%
PINS Netherlands Internet 740%
Card Commerce Republic of Ireland Internet 733%
OB10 United Kingdom Other 728%
Arkon Zrt. Hungary Internet 727%
Gradwell Dot Com Ltd United Kingdom Internet 726%
AI Digital Ltd United Kingdom Internet 725%
Valueworks Ltd United Kingdom Software 723%
Vilant Systems Oy Finland Semiconductor, Components and Electronics 721%
zamano plc Republic of Ireland Communications/Networking 717%
Xsens Technologies B.V. Netherlands Semiconductor, Components and Electronics 716%
Endava Limited United Kingdom Other 714%
Futurice Ltd. Finland Software 709%
ORMAS A.S. Turkey Communications/Networking 704%
AKVA group ASA Norway Other 701%
Excelian Limited United Kingdom Other 699%
TeleMessage Israel Communications/Networking 693%
CROZ d.o.o. Croatia Software 691%
UKFast.Net Ltd United Kingdom Internet 690%
Synodiance France Other 689%
Solon SE Germany Other 687%
INVIA.CZ, s.r.o. Czech republic Internet 686%
Enovacom France Software 680%
Greenlight Search Engine Marketing United Kingdom Internet 680%
ViaNett AS Norway Internet 679%
Autonomy Corporation United Kingdom Software 678%
Webhelp S.A. France Other 675%
Millennium 000, spol. s r.o. Slovakia Software 670%
UNIVERSAL K Ltd. Bulgaria Communications/Networking 664%
Opuscapita Oy Finland Software 662%
Externet Nyrt. Hungary Communications/Networking 659%
Masternaut Three X United Kingdom Other 654%
StringData, s.r.o. Czech republic Software 653%
Hitit Bilgisayar Hizmetleri Dis Ticaret Turkey Software 648%
How Splendid Ltd United Kingdom Other 647%
Content and Code Ltd United Kingdom Other 644%
Hometrack United Kingdom Other 638%
Patersons HR & Payroll Solutions United Kingdom Software 637%
KTM Advance France Media/Entertainment 635%
Ornicar SAS France Software 634%
AGELLIS Group AB Sweden Biotech/Pharmaceutical/Medical Equipment 634%
SUMO GmbH Germany Internet 632%
SURVEY Copter France Other 631%
CodeBakers Oy Finland Software 630%
ICTroom Company BV Netherlands Other 627% France Software 627%
Ship Equip AS Norway Communications/Networking 626%
SIT Safe AS Norway Other 626%
Tau on-line d.o.o. Croatia Internet 622%
42com Telecommunication GmbH Germany Communications/Networking 622%
E-mark Solutions Netherlands Internet 611%
Glycorex Transplantation AB Sweden Biotech/Pharmaceutical/Medical Equipment 610%
Biolink Group AS Norway Biotech/Pharmaceutical/Medical Equipment 610%
Parrot SA France Computers/Peripherals 608%
EZchip Semiconductor Ltd. Israel Semiconductor, Components and Electronics 607%
Luxoft Russia Other 607%
dotDigital Group (FKA dotMailer) United Kingdom Other 607%
Energi Teknikk AS Norway Other 605%
Carnation Zrt. Hungary Internet 601%
Thinkwise Software Netherlands Software 600%
Alma Lasers, Ltd Israel Biotech/Pharmaceutical/Medical Equipment 598%
Bircom Turkey Communications/Networking 597%
Netika France Software 597%
MetrixLab Netherlands Internet 596%
eo Networks S.A. Poland Software 596%
Vectura Group plc United Kingdom Biotech/Pharmaceutical/Medical Equipment 593%
YOC AGÂ Germany Communications/Networking 590%
MicVac AB Sweden Semiconductor, Components and Electronics 589% France Internet 587%
euro.message Turkey Software 582%
Convotis AG Germany Software 580%
FormPipe Software AB Sweden Software 580%
Jolife AB Sweden Biotech/Pharmaceutical/Medical Equipment 577%
Figensoft Turkey Software 577%
PKM Solutions Netherlands Internet 576%
Thomsons Online Benefits United Kingdom Other 571%
Outsource Solutions (N.I.) Ltd Northern Ireland Communications/Networking 569%
Volubill France Communications/Networking 568%
Loxysoft Sweden Software 567%
TCL United Kingdom Other 565%
Exigen Services, Ltd. Russia Other 564%
Kayentis France Computers/Peripherals 564%
BalaBit IT Security Kft. Hungary Software 562%
ESIZE Netherlands BV Netherlands Software 561%
Proximion Fiber Systems AB Sweden Semiconductor, Components and Electronics 556%
CONSULTENCIA France Software 555%
Antidot France Software 554%
SCT TELECOM France Communications/Networking 551%
Delitek AS Norway Other 551%
Bluefin Solutions United Kingdom Other 548%
Clearlybusiness United Kingdom Software 548%
Cheapflights Ltd United Kingdom Internet 547%
Comms-care United Kingdom Other 545%
Net Insight AB Sweden Communications/Networking 544%
ScandiNova Systems AB Sweden Biotech/Pharmaceutical/Medical Equipment 541%
Birim Bilgi Teknolojileri Ticaret A.S. Turkey Software 541%
ModeLabs France Communications/Networking 540%
Enzymotec Corporation Israel Biotech/Pharmaceutical/Medical Equipment 540%
OneAccess France Communications/Networking 538%
NET Média Zrt. Hungary Internet 538%
BOX Telematics Limited United Kingdom Other 536%
Maesa Group France Other 534%
Kaleido Technology ApS Denmark Semiconductor, Components and Electronics 529%
Paradial AS Norway Communications/Networking 525%
Sestek Turkey Software 521%
Innofactor Oy Finland Software 519%
MeVis Medical Solutions AG Germany Other 519%
IP-Only Telecommunication AB Sweden Communications/Networking 517%
Çözüm Bilgisayar Turkey Software 511%
E-Boks A/S Denmark Software 511%
Webmedia Group Estonia Software 507%
Roxar AS Norway Software 507%
helpLine GmbH Germany Software 506%
EasyPark AS Norway Other 506%
Dmailer S.A. France Software 505%
Ocuco Republic of Ireland Software 505%
Hotel Booker B.V. Netherlands Internet 502%
Exent Technologies Israel Communications/Networking 500%
Postcode Anywhere (Europe) Ltd United Kingdom Software 500%
Ikivo AB Sweden Software 499%
INDG Netherlands Internet 499%
Intrasurance B.V. Netherlands Internet 498%
Ecovisão Portugal Greentech 496%
DEV Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG Germany Communications/Networking 495%
Petrell AS Norway Other 494%
Daisy Communications United Kingdom Communications/Networking 493%
CyberCité France Internet 490%
Insera AB Sweden Software 489%
Runcom Technologies Ltd. Israel Semiconductor, Components and Electronics 489%
ProntoTV AS Norway Communications/Networking 489%
Advanced Manufacturing Control Systems Republic of Ireland Software 488%
Webtop Solutions AS Norway Internet 488%
LASTING Software S.R.L. Romania Software 487%
Eurofiber Nederland B.V. Netherlands Communications/Networking 485%
YellowFox GmbH Germany Software 482%
Arkadin France Communications/Networking 482%
Jobindex A/S Denmark Internet 481%
M2 NET S.A. Poland Software 480%
Renewable Energy Corporation ASA Norway Greentech 478%
Geocap AS Norway Software 477%
Calanus AS Norway Greentech 477%
Xebia B.V. Netherlands Software 477%
Innate Pharma SA France Biotech/Pharmaceutical/Medical Equipment 476%
Borusan Telekom Turkey Communications/Networking 476%
NovaCast Technologies AB Sweden Biotech/Pharmaceutical/Medical Equipment 475%
Customer Research Technology United Kingdom Software 475%
CarTrawler Republic of Ireland Other 475%
Datanomic United Kingdom Software 474%
Dutchband BV Netherlands Media/Entertainment 472%
Nxs Internet BV Netherlands Internet 472%
Medical Vision Research & Development AB Sweden Biotech/Pharmaceutical/Medical Equipment 471%
Epsis AS Norway Software 471%
Percana Group Ltd. Republic of Ireland Software 471%
Gael Ltd United Kingdom Other 470%
1000mercis France Internet 469%
InfomatiX Kft. Hungary Software 469%
eZ Systems AS Norway Software 468%
MeetingZone United Kingdom Communications/Networking 467%
SULITEC France Other 464%
Imerja Limited United Kingdom Other 463%
IMECA France Other 461%
Silicom Ltd. Israel Communications/Networking 461%
HintTech Netherlands Software 460%
ULLINK France Software 460%
Biolin Scientific AB Sweden Biotech/Pharmaceutical/Medical Equipment 460%
Lingit AS Norway Software 460%
Netviewer AG Germany Software 459%
Trask solutions s.r.o. Czech republic Software 457%
ISAAC Holding Netherlands Internet 457%
eFocus Netherlands Internet 457%
Kancellá Zrt. Hungary Software 456% SA France Internet 455%
24SevenOffice ASA Norway Software 455%
XIRING France Software 454%
Memset Ltd United Kingdom Greentech 454%
Datateknik Turkey Computers/Peripherals 451%
iQ Content Ltd Republic of Ireland Other 450%
Emailvision France Internet 450%
TradeDoubler AB Sweden Internet 449%
Rosam IT-Tjänster AB Sweden Software 449%
Cellartis AB Sweden Biotech/Pharmaceutical/Medical Equipment 448%
eleven GmbH Germany Communications/Networking 447%
InterConsult Bulgaria OOD Bulgaria Software 447%
Key-Systems GmbH Germany Internet 446%
Imaginatik United Kingdom Software 445%
Advanced Innovations Ltd Republic of Ireland Software 444%
snom technology AG Germany Communications/Networking
Eperium Netherlands Internet 441%
genOway France Biotech/Pharmaceutical/Medical Equipment 438%
Latens Systems Northern Ireland Software 438%
daesign France Media/Entertainment 434%
Anachron BV Netherlands Internet 433%
Mellanox Technologies Israel Semiconductor, Components and Electronics 432%
Xtract Oy Finland Software 430%
The Red Point S.A. Romania Software 430%
Clear2Pay Belgium Software 430%
StepNet Ingénierie France Internet 429%
The People’s Valley Netherlands Internet 429% United Kingdom Internet 429%
FACTON GmbH Germany Software 426%
Catway Sweden AB Sweden Communications/Networking 426%
Oxatis France Software 425%
Eyeblaster Israel Internet 424%
Globalpark AG Germany Software 422%
BigBand Networks Israel Communications/Networking 422%
Mobixell Networks Israel Communications/Networking 420%
Defne Bilgi Islem Ltd Turkey Software 418%
Entanet International Ltd United Kingdom Internet 413%
Dynardo GmbH Germany Software 413%
Hitit Bilgisayar Turkey Software 413%
Osyris SA France Other 413%
Intrinsic Technology United Kingdom Communications/Networking 411%
Plextek Ltd. United Kingdom Other 411%
Capital ID Netherlands Software 410%
Summit Media United Kingdom Internet 410%
Central Point Europe BV Netherlands Software 409%
TAT Sweden Software 405%
ip.access United Kingdom Communications/Networking 403%
Topicus BV Netherlands Software 402%
Experteam Consulting Turkey Other 401%
Nomovok Oy Finland Software 401%
Syncron International AB Sweden Software 400%
netzkern GmbH Germany Internet 400%
TNS Distribution Republic of Ireland Other 399%
Digium Oy Finland Software 396%
Wapice Oy Finland Software 396%
Bluegiga Technologies Oy Finland Communications/Networking 394%
Strencom Republic of Ireland Internet 394%
Affecto Oyj Finland Software 392%
eZe-Talk Limited United Kingdom Other 392%
Pentalog HIGH TECH France Software 391%
Tactel AB Sweden Communications/Networking 391%
Opta Sportsdata Ltd United Kingdom Media/Entertainment 390%
AKIO Solutions France Software 390%
INVERTO AG Germany Software 390%
XAPT Hungary Kft. Hungary Software 389%
DATASYS s.r.o. Czech republic Software 389%
Advatech Sp. z o.o. Poland Computers/Peripherals 388%
SteelSeries ApS Denmark Computers/Peripherals 387%
Efecte Oy Finland Software 385%
Compare Group BV Netherlands Internet 384%
rola Security Solutions GmbH Germany Software 384%
MadNet d.o.o. Serbia Communications/Networking 383%
VISEO France Software 382%
Fifosys Limited United Kingdom Other 381%
Exoftware Agile Solutions Limited Republic of Ireland Other 381%
APSYLIS France Software 379%
LayTec GmbH Germany Other 378%
Comtec Enterprises United Kingdom Other 378%
Probrand Ltd United Kingdom Other 377%
Zend Technologies Ltd Israel Software 377%
Transatel France Communications/Networking 376%
Mirabeau BV Netherlands Internet 375%
Dynamic Change Ltd United Kingdom Software 373%
First Derivatives plc Northern Ireland Software 373%
Lectric Groep B.V. Netherlands Media/Entertainment 373%
Hippo B.V. Netherlands Software 373%
Software Improvement Group Netherlands Software 372%
Digia Oyj Finland Software 371%
Griffin Internet United Kingdom Internet 371%
KLISING d.o.o. Croatia Software 370%
Eptica France Software 370%
ValueFrame Oy Finland Software 370%
OCTE France Other 370%
Novaled AG Germany Other 368%
VisualWeb Oy Finland Software 368%
Acropolis Telecom France Communications/Networking 368% Republic of Ireland Other 367%
ITpreneurs Netherlands Communications/Networking 366%
Itris BV Netherlands Software 366%
DUQUEINE GROUPE France Other 365%
Solar Century Holdings Limited United Kingdom Greentech 364%
netdirekt e.K. Germany Communications/Networking 363%