Story of Windows is the Sugababes story in reverse.

Microsoft’s choice of the Sugababes as the faces of Windows 7 in the UK has been the subject of much commentary – Telegraph, TechCrunch. I think some of the commentary has missed the point a little.

The Sugababes story. The Sugababes started out as quite a good band that after a series of patches and upgrades to the original line up are now just not very good and only really exist for the benefit of their record company. This is almost the opposite of the Windows OS story where after producing OS after OS that almost worked but made Microsoft lots of money, they finally have something to shout about. Merits of using them to market to pre-teen girl market aside, I am not sure this is what Microsoft meant.

This is the original Sugababes line up.

Original Sugababes

Original Sugababes

These are the most current ones.

Lets not forget though, that however ‘bad’ the advertising seems on all sorts of levels, it is definitely getting talked about. And now I know that Windows 7 has a Parental Controls feature that switches a PC off. The original Windows 7 launch party video was so bad, and so easy to parody, that it has probably got its message over to 10 times the number of people that it would have expected to in the first place.

This is just one example of a slightly doctored version:

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