SVC2C FAQs & alternative networking events to meet Silicon Valley entrepreneurs/investors in Cambridge

The Silicon Valley comes to Cambridge CEO workshops have been significantly oversubscribed. We are now getting about 10 inquiries per day from people asking if it is too late to apply. Yes, unfortunately it is and no matter how well we know you, or how much you beg, we cannot squeeze anyone else in. (You might try bribery but even then, it would have to be an exceptional bribe!). Please don’t email us asking to be involved and expect a reply. We just don’t have the bandwidth to deal with the inquiries. Sorry.

There are some alternative activities going on that are not yet full that can still offer you exposure and contact with some exceptional people on the trip.


Still some places left on Thursday evening with open networking after the debate.

This house argues that bailing out the banks was a waste of money.

The House:

Simon Daniel, Chairman of Moixa Energy

Bob Cart, Chairman of GreenVolts

Reid Hoffman, Chairman of Linkedin

Allen Morgan, Venture Partner at Mayfield

The Opposition:

Bill Janeway, Deputy Chair Warburg Pincus

David Cleevely, Angel investor

Andrew Gamble, Professor at Cambridge University

Patrick Jenkins, Editor of the FT

To register: CLICK HERE.


There are still some places left on the Master classes on Friday. You can register for EITHER the morning OR the afternoon sessions.

Topics covered include:

  • The key things that venture capitalist (and investors) are looking for in a start-up today, and why?
  • The future of social mobile internet: What´s next?
  • Going after or partnering with the incumbents: good strategy, or fool’s errand?
  • Who are the people behind the fast-growth companies. What are critical success factors behind their ventures?
  • Exits, Exits, Exits. The differences between the US and UK.
  • What students should do to be very employable in the future….
  • User-Generated Content, Collaboration in business, politics and in not-for-profit.
  • Social Networks: Managing, measuring and monetising success.
  • Ten Commandments for Entrepreneurs…
  • What is the “Science” behind the fast-growth companies? What is happening that is new and innovative?
  • Working at a big company versus a startup. Can you be entrepreneurial in either case?
  • Integrating social media and traditional media, can it be done? How? Communications and marketing issues
  • Green innovation and Entrepreneurship. How to commercialise green technologies from funding to market launch to trade-sale/IPO.
  • TIWIK: The things I wished I had known… before I started…
  • Consumer Internet. How to commercialise Consumer Internet Companies from funding to market launch to trade-sale/IPO.

For more information and to register: CLICK HERE.

To register to attend our London based evening drinks networking session on December 3rd. Please register on the events page of our site: The BLN CEO Tales & Networking Drinks. Why tech loves the recession. This is not part of the SVC2C programme but is a great way to meet high quality entrepreneurs and investors as well as hear from some exceptional CEOs.

Here is the list of the currently confirmed SVC2C participants for this week’s programme:*

  • Allen Morgan, Mayfield Fund, Managing Director
  • Biz Stone, Twitter, Co-Founder
  • Blake Krikorian, Sling Media, Founder
  • Bob Cart, Greenvolts, Founder
  • Brett Bullington, Angel Investor
  • Caterina Fake, Flickr, Founder
  • Hans Peter Brondmo, Plum, Founder
  • Hugo Barra, Google Mobile, Group Product Manager
  • James Rosenthal, Google, Strategic Partnerships
  • Jeff Saperstein, Author, Writer
  • Jigar Shah, Carbon War Room, CEO
  • Julie Hanna Faris, Kiva, Chair of the Board
  • Limvirak Chea, Google, New Business Development
  • Mark Mitchell, Serious Materials, COO
  • Nick Heller, Google, Strategic Partnerships
  • Peter Thiel, PayPal, Founder, Investor
  • Premal Shah, Kiva, Founder
  • Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn, Founder, Exec Chairman
  • Rob Jonas, Google, Director of Strategic Partnerships
  • Robert Swerling, Google, New Business Development
  • Salar Kamangar, Google, Adwords Inventor
  • Ted Shelton, The Conversation Group, Partner
  • Toby Prehn, G2 Energy, Founder, Investor
  • Marc Tarpenning, Tesla, Founder

* Obviously, whilst these individuals are currently confirmed to attend the programme, we cannot guarantee the attendance of any individual due to circustances beyond our control.