Shamelessly schmaltzy Christmas cheer from Radio Lapland

Working from home today as it is just too freezing cold to go outside. The children (3 and 6) are in a high state of excitement about Christmas, partly because of presents under the tree and partly because they will be seeing grandparents soon. All very sweet and festive.

They have spent most of the morning being quiet in the kitchen listening to the radio. This is actually a first for them and I only just realised what they have been listening to. Thanks to the joy of digital radio and its ability to throw up a radio station for a few days, they are listening in to a live broadcast from Santa’s workshop in Lapland. Santa is busy making tea, feeding the reindeer, wrapping presents and getting ready for a busy couple of days. Thanks Digital Radio UK for a slightly surreal experience and the best thing of all – no advertising at all.

Radio Lapland

Radio Lapland

Listen here. Strangely soothing.

A sign of the times, they are also looking forward to tracking Santa’s journey tomorrow on Google Earth.

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