Who is a lucky boy then? Will Lewis at the Telegraph for one.

Many of the publishing people who have come to our events this year to think about the future of publishing have been very happy to spend time away form the day today thinking about working ON their business, not IN their business. If there is one thing that gets in the way of thinking about the future, it is dealing with the present.

Will Lewis, luckiest man in publishing?

Will Lewis, luckiest man in publishing?

A lot of people would kill to be in Will Lewis’ Euston Office right now with a budget, a recruitment problem (100 CVs in 4 hours suggests people want to get involved – even in a recession) and the opportunity to do some fresh thinking in a business that can operate outside the prying eyes of many publicly listed publishing business. Meanwhile in the traditional world of publishing, old geezers make points about the decline of the Telegraph’s sales over 40 years – rock on!

Good luck to him.

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