Difference Engine – London Demo Day, June 7th 2010

The Difference Engine (modelled on the successful TechStars programme based in the US) which has set itself the task of catalyzing a new generation of successful high growth digital businesses. The first crop of nine businesses will be demonstrating their wares at on 7th June at Microsoft HQ, Victoria, London between 4pm and 7pm.

Geoff Hodgson and Jon Bradford would like to invite you to The Difference Engine’s first Demo Day to whet your investment appetite and to learn about the syndication opportunities now available in North East England as a result of the £125m JEREMIE funds!

These Difference Engine teams, with applications including – social media metrics, real-time curation tools, crowd sourced fund management, accessibility for dyslexics and visually impaired, interactive screen technology, search and data discovery, giving better presents, open transportation system, and how to become a rock legend – are currently immersed in a full time 13 week boot camp.