Brits obsessed with shopping & weather. The Google Alphabet – UK version.

Inspired by the excellent Alex Kelleher, who has just produced a version of the Google alphabet.

As Alex explains, “Start typing something into google, and the now established “autocomplete” or live suggestions or whatever it’s called today pops up. I thought I’d take a look at the Zeitgeist, and see what each letter brings (and the #2 result in brackets). All pretty big-brand, although the second most common search beginning with an “r” is “reverse phone lookup”? Seems like an unanswered mega-site right there”.

Go and visit his US version here.

Meanwhile, here is the UK version of the Google Alphabet. These are the suggestions, in order, that Google thinks you might be looking for when you type a letter of the alphabet into the Google search box.

It seems that Googlers in the UK are obsessed with shoppping, the weather, light entertainment and going on holiday. Only one person makes it into the top 78 places – Katie Price. (In the US, only Lady Gaga and Tiger Woods appeared in the top 52 places).

See the list here:

  • Argos, Amazon, Amazon uk
  • BBC News, BBC weather, BBC
  • Currys, Comet, Carphone Warehouse
  • Debenhams, Dorothy Perkins, Daily Mail
  • eBay, eBay uk, Easyjet
  • Facebook, Facebook login, Free online games
  • Google maps, Google earth, games
  • Hotmail, HSBC, homebase
  • Itv player, IKEA, iPlayer
  • John Lewis, Job Centre, JJB Sports
  • Kwik Fit, Katie Price, Karen Millen
  • Lottery Results, Lloyds TSB, Lloyds TSB internet banking
  • msn, Met Office, Miniclip
  • Next, National Rail, New Look
  • O2, Orange, Odeon
  • PC World,, Postcode finder
  • Quidco, QVC, QVC uk
  • River Island, Ryanair, Rightmove
  • Sainsburys, Sky Sports, Sky news
  • Tesco, Tesco Direct, train times
  • UCAS, UK top 40, Ugg boots
  • Virgin Media, Vue Cinema, Vodafone
  • Wikipedia, Weather, Weather forecast
  • X factor, Xbox, xe
  • Youtube, Yahoo mail, Yahoo
  • Zara, Zoopla, Zavvi
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