Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-21

  • #BNP change rules to allow non-white members. Somehow still don't think I will be tempted. #
  • No matter how much effort you put in, you don’t expect a snake to poo on your table. #
  • Gerry Adams on Channel Four talking about what Jesus thinks about forgiveness… On how many levels is that wrong? #
  • Bing vs Google country personalisation. Neck & neck in the US. Rest of the World – only 1 winner. #
  • Oops, "Create realistic budgets. See where your money really goes" Kublax goes into administration. #
  • Anyone know how many people trade shares in UK and US? Numbers or percentages would be awesome. #
  • Elevator pitch of the week. Fill your boots or send me a worse one: #
  • I just backed up my tweets because Twitter doesn't. Backup yours here for free. #
  • Kublax Finance. I will not die dammit! Announces possible deal with SimplyFinance. #