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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-28

  • Brilliant day. 1st al fresco lunch of year. Some gardening and cycled to Grantchester with Violet. #
  • realises that to TRULY appreciate the work of a colleague, you need to try do it yourself sometimes. #
  • RT @ArthyLittlewood Don’t talk so much Mummy, the answer to everything is, ‘Yes’, or, ‘No’. <= 3 year old philosophy. #
  • Olympic registration Puzzled only option is watching – think I could still medal in >3 sports. #
  • My son doesn’t say, ‘tomorrow’. He says, ‘after my next dream’. I hope he never loses that feeling. #
  • !@web_ape True! Also, his favourite food is sabetti boil-o-nails – his version of an Italian pasta classic #
  • To London for BLN early stage Internet investor summit with Intel Capital & some class angels & VCs. #
  • Funny! @wellertimothy numbers are now officially smaller if you whisper them. #budget he should try shouting good ones in reply to wellertimothy #
  • Damn #budget Didn’t sell sell spare £1m house by midnight or buy cider before 6pm. Saw @billt on train. Up on deal. #
  • RT @tweetmeme Cisco is acquisition king of the noughties. Race for the teens already underway. #
  • OMG! RT @AshleyFriedlein: Look at this Times headline, & then the name of the author… #
  • RT @alexvans: Big up TEDxCam – – 21 days and counting… #TED @TEDChris #
  • Thank you @davidsoskin Great input for Exit discussion on Thurs. Pondering best way to summarise thoughts for blog. #
  • 8 people have put flyers through door today. Most useless delivery the Yellow Pages now on doorstep. #wastepaper #