Bad news for VC & PE GPs. LPs think some of you suck.

Limited partners are the people who put money into venture capital and private equity funds. In a recent survey by my friend Matthew Craig-Greene at IE Consulting he discovered, amongst other things, that almost two thirds of LPs strongly agreed, or agreed with the statement:

“I will (or have already) decline(d) to invest in new fund vehicles launched by certain managers I have previously invested with as a direct result of poor communications or a lack of transparency during the crisis.”

Limited Partners decline to back new funds

This is a pretty damning indictment of some sections of the venture capital and private equity industry frankly. These after all, are the people who are likely to be telling their portfolio companies to communicate with them at all times.

Download Matt’s excellent, Limited Partners in a New Era. The Good, the Bad, the Ugly. It contains lots of very interesting insights and data beyond this or see his commentary on his blog here.

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