Profile: Mark Zaleski, Chairman, DVDPost. Speaker, BLN Growth Forum

Talking about: Building Great Teams

Why we wanted him to speak: Started in corporates and turned into big thinking entrepreneurial manager. Raised over $ 600 million funding for one company (Webvan). Great turnaround story at QXL Ricardo. Friendly, approachable, thoughtful, refreshing thinking. Seems to have left fans in all the companies he has worked in.


Since 2007, Mark Zaleski is the Chairman of DVDPost. He is also a Venture Partner in BBV and a NED in CyberSports. Mark was Chairman and CEO of Dailymotion from 2007 to 2009. Under his leadership it became the world’s leading independent video-sharing site. From 2000, Mark was CEO for QXL ricardo plc. QXL was the best performing stock on LSE’s Main Market in both 2004 and 2005. It was sold for nearly £1 billion.

Prior to QXL, Mark was President of Webvan, where he and other officers raised nearly $600M. Mark is a Fellow of the IoD.

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