The BLN & The Business of Software, Boston, October 4th-6th

We think there are far too many events in the world that focus on fluffy, new, shiny stuff and not enough that focus on turning new things into sustainable businesses. We think this is why so many people say nice things about our events – that and they get to meet other high quality people.

I wonder how many of you feel the same way?

The BLN and Business of Software share the same philosophy. That is one reason why we think the Business of  Software conference is probably the most valuable event in the US that CEOs and Founders of software companies can participate in. Successful businesses are not all obsessed with coming up with a new and exciting idea, raising venture capital then exiting. This event is for people with the vision to see beyond the hype.

If you are a CEO or Founder of  software business, whether organically grown or venture backed, or if you are a VC and want to meet some of the best practitioners in the business, you should give some very serious thought to getting to Boston between October 4th and 6th this year.

Here is a two minute video that gives you a quick view of last year’s event.

One thing makes an awesome conference – awesome people. Here are some of the awesome speakers that will be talking, eating, meeting and learning from the awesome participants:

Joel Spolsky, Fog Creek Software

Seth Godin,

Eric Sink, SourceGear

Paul Kenny, Ocean Learning

Dharmesh Shah, HubSpot

Giacomo ‘Peldi’ Guilizzoni, Balsamiq

Jason Cohen, Smart Bear Software

Eric Ries, The Lean Startup

David Russo, Eno River Associates, Inc.

Scott Farquhar, Atlassian

Derek Sivers, MuckWork

Rob Walling,

The Cranky Product Manager, DysfunctoSoft

Mark Stephens, IDRSolutions

Dan Bricklin, Software Garden, Inc.

If those people mean nothing to you, and the themes of their talks don’t get you interested, you are probably not the right sort of participant. If they do, then find a way to get there and take part.

The BLN  will be there and we strongly suggest you give it some thought too. If you want to get involved, use the code ‘BLN’ on registration and you will receive a $200 discount. (And, ‘No!’, we don’t get commission, we just think this is an awesome event and that our members are the kind of people who would value taking part).

Hope to see you there. More info: Business of  Software