It will be a dark and stormy night.

If only ByteNight was in the summer…

The weather this week has reminded me that not only is it definitely not summer anymore, but that you should never agree to go camping in the UK after September. Luckily I didn’t agree to go camping. But I have agreed to sleep rough in Cambridge on the night of  October 8th in support of the national ByteNight campaign for Action for Children.

Care to join me?

When I return from a week in Boston on 8th October, I will be getting off a very comfortable plane, (even in coach), and heading up to the Cambridge Science Park to spend a night sleeping rough in support of Action for Children. Our team includes David Mardle, Tim Ferris, Bill Thompson, Alex Kelleher and Vero Pepperel. They will be joining myself and about 50 other people in Cambridge as part of national ByteNight which involves over.

bytenight logo 2010 action for children logo 2010

You would still be welcome to join us or, failing that, you could ‘outsource’ your involvement by making a donation, however large, to sponsor our team. We are hugely appreciative of all the support that we have received so far. Thank you but we would love some more. Please consider giving time or money to help. Thanks.

Action for Children helps nearly 156,000 children, young people and their families through nearly 420 projects across the UK. Go to to find out more about the work of Action for Children, to see one of the more eclectic teams to participate in ByteNight and and MOST IMPORTANTLY, to sponsor us online. Thank you very much for your support and think of us on October 8th.