Companies on pre-Christmas buying spree. Media & ecommerce discussions.

At first I thought it was just me but it really does seem that deals – exits and investments – are being done again. Corporate purchasers are back in action and their presence at our recent discussion dinners has provided as much interest for investors as companies themselves. While we only have two more events until the end of the year, we really hope to see you at what we think will be two of the strongest events of the year. Please book online or email me directly if you would like to be involved.

24th November, Bangers Grill & Restaurant. Future of Media Business Models. Confirmed participants include CEO/founders or board level executives from Aframe, All3Media, Associated Northcliffe, Audioboo, Cognitive Match, Diagonal View, Erevena, Freemantle Media, Goetz Partners, iMeta Technologies Ltd, Incisive Media, Magicalia, myvideorights, Pearson, Playfire, Pure Grass Films, Saffron Digital, Silicon Valley Bank, Six to Start, The BLN, Tweetmeme, Videoplaza & Yudu.

9th December, ecommerce. Ecommerce killing the High Street. The sheer amount of money being invested and made in ecommerce at the moment has meant that ecommerce has become more innovative as it has become more mainstream. Ecommerce has proven to be one of our most popular communities and this dinner will feature both acquisitive incumbents as well as revenue generating upstarts.

Blatancy: Last week we ran an Exit Workshop with some buyers in the mobile sector. I thought you, and your portfolio companies, might be interested in the concept of blatancy:

We would love to see you before the end of the year and if you haven’t attended a BLN event before, remember, we offer a no quibble money back guarantee – turn up, and if you feel you didn’t get value, we will refund your money. Simple.

Mark Littlewood

Director The BLN

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