Things I wish I knew before I started

Things I wish I knew before I started

Notes from Silicon Valley comes to the UK

Megan Smith, Google.

  • I wish I knew how to reach out to people early and often f0r advice.

Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn, Greylock

  1. Treat your financing and board composition as a marriage – who would you most trust to share the wheel with you?
  2. Three things need to be explained away if you want to get investment: why you have an MBA, why you were a management consultant and why you were an investment banker.
  3. To be a successful entrepreneur you need to have a predisposition to action. By acting, you will learn from the action.
  4. Don’t become an entrepreneur to get rich.

Daniel Yates, OPOWER

  • Making a decision to get rid of a team member is usually a very positive thing for a business.
  • Do things that you REALLY care about, not things that will get you rich.

Jose Ferreira, Knewton

  • The underlying mechanics of fund raising are the same as High school dating.

Julie Hanna, Kiva

  • You need to look beyond the soundbite – ‘It is all about the people’ – is totally true, but is a multi-layered truth.
  • Who do you want in the fox hole with you?
  • The culture of a company is inextricably linked with the founders.

How do you unwind from work? How do you create some sort of balance in your life?

JH: To take your mind off work, do something else that you are obsessive about. I meditated a lot.

DY: To do great work, you cannot work 20 hours a day. You need to be creative. I meditate and take a ceramics class every Saturday.

MS: Larry Page learned to fly helicopters to unwind from Google as it was the only thing that could occupy his mind outside Google.