“We have a problem with the speed of light”.

I think the quote of the BLN year from a really fun ecommerce BLN discussion dinner last night from Nick Lansley at Tesco.com explaining why their two data centres have to be less than 40 miles apart from each other (though he would not share the locations). They have to be less than forty miles from each other as any further apart and they would not be able to mirror the data in the two centres.

Some great insights from real businesses on the use of mobile browsing and purchasing too that I will share when we have got the necessary clearance from appropriate authorities.

Thanks to some amazing attendees from Accel Partners, BDO, ByBox Holdings, Chameleon Net, Cognitive Match, Delta Partners, Ecourier, Erevena, Graze.com, Howzat Media, I Want One of Those, isango, Madbid, Made.com, Piper Private Equity, PKR, Reevoo, shutl, Silicon Valley Bank, Tesco.com, The BLN, The BLN, The Hut Group, Vitruvian Partners, Worldstores.

The last BLN dinner for 2010. Thank you to everyone who has made 2010 so memorable, we are now working on trying to put our programme together for 2011.

Before  that though, for me, a few days in Marrakech with my awesome wife, Jo, who has now been married to me for 10 years. Thanks for being my best friend.