I just met a space man

How cool is that? VERY.

Claude Nicollier, astronaut & Mark Littlewood, small child

Claude Nicollier, astronaut & Mark Littlewood, feeling a little starstruck.

Claude Nicollier, talked at LIFT11 on The reality of space.

Space. What is it?

  • It is big.
  • We are small.

We go into space because:

  • Politics – we want to demonstrate the predominance of one nation over another
  • Very useful! Communications, precise navigation, earth resources
  • Science – advantages knowledge in several fields
  • It brings people together
  • Incredibly beautiful views
  • It is really cool [Exactly the first thing I thought!].

Some observations about space and space travel from Claude as he showed some extraordinary pictures.

  • It doesn’t take long to get to space – only about 8 minutes after you launch. (Quite tense minutes).
  • The black sky you see in space is our view of the big bang.
  • Most of the training for going into space is done underwater.
  • The moment you get out of a small bus having done your training you see this:
Space Shuttle - view from the astronauts' bus

Space Shuttle - view from the astronauts' bus

  • Claude did an 8 hour space walk in 1993 when he carried out repairs on the Hubble Telescope 600 km above the surface of the earth. His feet got very cold.
  • He went into space again in 1999. You can see the reflection of the earth in his helmet.
Space man space walk!

Space man space walk!

  • Hubble is an extraordinary telescope. This picture was taken over about 10 days and covers an area about 1/16th of the width of the moon.
Space by Hubble...

Space by Hubble...

  • Sunset takes about 20 seconds…
Sunset in space takes 20 seconds

Sunset in space takes 20 seconds

  • Egypt from space. Claude was always struck by how the Nile lit up at night while during the day the same area was dark against the light of the desert
Egypt from Space

Egypt from Space

  • Claude is excited about the prospect of space travel being taken over ┬áby the private sector
  • Space is an inspiration
  • Space is useful
  • Space is a place too discover, learn dream, put people together.
  • Space brings success thought imagination, clear goal setting and focus.

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