LIFT11 Games, beyond Gamification & transmedia. Notes – but that was intense and virtually unbloggable live.

Games, beyond Gamification and transmedia

Video games have long escaped the realm of nerdy teenagers to become one of the most important cultural product of our time – ahead of cinema and music. Now we hear our lives will be “gamified”, with many of the mechanisms invented in games showing up in our “real life”. Is this really happening? What are the real possibilities and pitfalls of such a proposition? We will also talk about how games can be used to engage people into an activity like reading, and discuss the latest phenomena of the entertainment industry: transmedia.

    Steffen Walz, The lowdown on “gamification”.

    Steffen wins prize for best opening with a bit of good singing. He also says he will send everyone his slides later so he has the excuse to rush through them.

    Gamification is HOT but people don’t really get what it is.

    Gamification is the wrong word for the right idea. What is happening at the moment is pointsification. There are things that should be pointsified, there are things that should be gamified. People have played games forever and throughout their lives so they know how to do it and it is therefore a powerful tool potentially.

    Recommends two books: McKenzie Wark’s book,  GAM3R 7H3ORY. Jane McGonigal, Reality is Broken.

    What we need is a rationalisation of gamification – gamificationization.

    Games over time

    Games over time

    Playfulness is more important than gaming. Being playful is in our nature, playing makes us FEEL GOOD and is deeply social. Games however, don’t actually need to be fun.

    The logic is hardly cartesian. How can we play together?

    The logic is hardly cartesian. How can we play together?

    Steffen’s slides are here: Very rich content though audio may contain evidence of potty mouth syndrome. 🙂

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    Etienne Mineur, The paper book as a new computer platform (in French).

    This will be interesting.

    It is but this guy talks French too quickly for me to understand easily, I am listening to live English translation but blogging will melt my tiny little brain. Etienne would be doing it anyway if I spoke French fluently. Go and watch the video here: It will blow you away.

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    David Calvo, Beyond transmedia

    What is transmedia?

    What is Transmedia?

    What is Transmedia?

    What is Transmedia? 2

    What is Transmedia?

    The story is NOT the cosmos. The story tells us things about the cosmos.

    Transmedia has been around for a long time, transmedia is basically myth. Transmedia is the implementation of a world model through different media channels.

    Vico’s poetic wisdom.

    Construction of myth as a collective interpretation of events moves through four ages.

    • Cosmological Age
    • Theological Age
    • Heroic Age
    • Vulgar Age

    Transmedia is more about structure than narratives. Virtuality is in a deadlock with reality.

    Intense gamers

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    Brilliant session. Really amazing but almost impossibleto take sensible notes. My head hurts. It feels like I have spent 24 hours living in the loudest speaker at an AC-DC concert.