Talk to Peldi, founder & CEO, Balsamiq in our live, BoS Speaker Talk. 23rd March 2011.

This year we are properly international having taken on the organisation of Business of Software to be held in Boston 24th-26th October 2011. If you run a software business and want to grow a long term, sustainable and profitable software busienss, you should think hard about going. You will be in very good company.

We want to share some of the Business of Software love on the blog so that if you attended last year’s event, you can get a chance to revisit some of the talks and think about how they impact you. If you weren’t able to make it, this is a chance to hear some of the best entrepreneurs, thinkers and presenters in the business talk about subjects that matter to them and will probably matter to you.

It is also a really good time to think about getting over to Boston for this years’s event – Early Bird tickets are on sale now and the first 100 delegates get a $900 discount on the full ticket price. This is a small, (380 person) event, and the speakers will be around for the duration so you could be joining people like Dharmesh Shah, Clayton Christensen, Dave Cancel, Jason Cohen, Jeff Lawson in what Dharmesh is happy to call, his favourite (he probably says favorite), conference.

Introducing – BoS Speaker Talk.

A chance to see some of the previous talks by some amazing BoS speakers, then get to participate in an interactive, live, Q&A with some of our favourite speakers from previous years. You will also get to hear and pose questions to some of the great people that will be talking at BoS 2011, 24th-26th October 2011.

Our first speaker, one of my personal favourite speakers at BoS 2010, is possibly the hardest working man in Italy. He has created, with a small team, something so incredibly useful that the only person at Business of Software who didn’t use his software was me, (I am not remotely technical, but after hearing his talk, even I wanted to buy his software).

Here’s Peldi!

Peldi beachcoding

BLN and BoS boys and girls, your first BoS Speaker Talk is with Peldi Guilizzoni, founder and CEO of Balsamiq mock ups.

You can chat with him live on 23rd March at 10.00 PST, 13.00 EST, 18.00 CET.

Take the time to view Peldi’s great Business of Software talk from October last year where he talks about what you should, and shouldn’t worry about, when growing your business.

Now join us on March 23rd for a one hour interactive Q&A session with Peldi where you will get the opportuntiy to ask him questions about the talk, what he worries about in his business and how he gets to sleep at night – or anything else that you want to know about.

The live Q&A will be held on March 23rd at 10.00 PST, 13.00 EST, 18.00 CET.

You can submit questions in advance to:

Or submit questions on Twitter before the event or on the day using the hashtag #BoS2011.

By the way, EARLY BIRD, $900 discount registration has started. While you are here, don’t forget to go and see some of the speakers we have announced for BoS 2011 to be held 24th-26th October in Boston. The first 100 tickets are sold at a $900 discount to the full ticket price and without even letting the mailing list know, we have sold over 40 in the past ten days so get your skates on.