Mobile user experience – less is more

As we heard at the last CEO tales from Sherry Coutu, Amazon is 20 times bigger than its next biggest rival. But why? Is it because of the competitive prices? Yes, but if you dig around the Internet on more specialist websites and are prepared to buy from abroad, you will find a better deal.

What makes Amazon so great is the ease with which users search, select and buy goods. I just bought a new book from and it took less than 10 clicks of my mouse to find and purchase the title. No one from the competition even comes close to this.

Additionally, there is plenty of information on the website, but it’s not overwhelming or intrusive and everything seems relevant to me, the customer.

The customer experience on Amazon is terrific – it’s just so simple to click away and buy whatever it is you like. Once you have an account, there are no additional forms to fill-out and very few cognitive overheads for the customer.

The importance of this lesson is even more important when designing your company’s mobile site. With smaller screens (and other distractions arising from being out and about) a great user experience on your mobile site may determine the success or failure of your mobile strategy. We should not forget that user experience is more important than ever for mobile users.


This really does present a lovely opportunity – get the customer experience right and your company could be making significant money through mobile.

The BLN Money in Mobile Forum will bring together industry specialists to discuss what makes a great customer experience and how to achieve it. We will be hearing expert opinions from, amongst others, Rob Jonas (InMobi), Nick Lansley (, James Gardner (Volume), Simon Davies (Snaptu), Sami Paihonen (Ixonos) and James Patmore (BOKU).

The Forum will take place on 14th June in Taylor Wessing’s HQ, London. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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