You can sell anything online these days – Ark Royal on MOD eBay

It seems even the MOD is getting in on the act of auctioning off its old unwanted stuff.

Vessel ARK ROYAL R07

Ark Royal on ebay

Light Aircraft Carrier

Length: 210m

Beam: 36m

Draught: 5.8m

Current Displacement: 19000 tonnes

Estimated Metal Weight: 10000 tonnes inc. machinery

Estimated metal %: 95% steel

Location: HM Naval Base Portsmouth

I just love that there is an button. Shame it doesn’t work. Have they not heard of testing? Do they not want people to buy? Do they not care about user experience? Shocking.

If ever there was a good excuse to share a video of ridiculously posh people sitting on the bridge of a large boat making comments about rookie pilots landing on deck of said boat, this is it.

More information (and of course to make a bid), the sale page is here.