Is your ‘mobile strategy’ really a few haphazard tactics? Introducing the hourglass framework.

It is not surprising that in the rapidly evolving world of mobile, most companies don’t have a clue about how to build a cohesive mobile strategy. The world is moving too fast.

Jeremiah Owyang can help you. Jeremiah, a partner at Altimeter is probably the most switched on analyst on the planet when it comes to using social media in business and gave this keynote at the Mobile Marketing Strategies Summit in San Francisco last week.

His hourglass model is an interesting way of thinking about how to develop a cohesive mobile strategy rather than a bunch of incoherent tactics. A great way of thinking about how mobile and social media strategies can be combined into a cohesive customer life cycle management strategy. He argues that mobile and social offer the ability to turn the traditional customer purchase funnel into something far more powerful where purchase is the start of something much more powerful.

Customer Hourglass: Pre, and Post-Purchase.

The video of the talk (45 minutes) is well worth watching or, if you are time poor, open the slide deck Developing a Mobile Strategy, flick through and kid yourself you picked up every last morsel of insight. You won’t of course, but you will probably have picked up something relevant for your business.

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