BLN Money in Mobile Forum – Consumer Behaviour Insights, Jeremy Copp, ComScore

BLN Money in Mobile Session Notes Consumer Behaviour insights – Jeremy Copp, Vice President Mobile Europe at comScore Inc.

UK Mobile Universe ComScore

UK mobile universe. Nokia still biggest handset manufacturer!

The March of Android

The slightly scary March of Android, 953% yoy growth in past year.

Apps vs Browsing by media owner

Different media owners have very different approaches reflected in difference between apps and browsing on their sites.

Mobile browsing time by media owner

Facebook users spend 2.5 billion minutes per month on Facebook mobile in the UK at end of 2010.

Some facts you might not know but should!

Today, UK mobile phone users use Facebook for an aggregate of over 3,094,803,255  minutes each month

  • Mobile users are more engaged on Facebook than those using PCs.

In Europe, 72% of mobile phone users do not use applications

  • Consider carefully how you want to reach a mobile audience

The UK mobile audience consumes more than 13,206,911,014  page views every month on their phones

  • That’s a lot of potential advertising inventory

Nearly 90% of European Apple device users use applications in comparison to 39% of Symbian device owners

  • But Apple represent 6.9% of the devices in use, Symbian 15%

Key takeaways

The mobile media market in the UK is growing rapidly

  • App and browsing usage is creating ever more opportunities for consumer engagement
  • Don’t assume it is all about apps on iPhones!

Consider carefully the mobile audience you wish to reach

  • Identify which media they engage with, how and through which devices
  • Robust market intelligence data adds value to campaign planning and targeting
  • The reality as revealed by measurement is often different from intuition

Don’t get left behind on mobile

  • Full visibility of the mobile media market means no need to be blindsided

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