BLN Money in Mobile Forum – How to win at mobile retail. Nick Lansley, Head of R&D,

BLN Money in Mobile Session Notes How to win at mobile retail. Nick Lansley, Head of R&D,
Nick is a bit of a BLN hero to be honest. Modest and unassuming but knows stuff and can really communicate. This is a summary of his talk at Money in Mobile where he discusses how Tesco approaches mobile retail.

Leveraging consumers as co-developers to deliver novel mobile applications

  • Better
  • Simpler
  • Cheaper
We think:
“How can we make the experience better for the customer?”
“How can we make tasks simpler for staff?”
“How can we make processes and systems cheaper for Tesco?”
We don’t think:
“Let’s innovate!” (That is for dorks).
Considered the difference between the Original Online Grocery Shop…
  • —Ordering between 40 and 70 grocery items takes up to an hour.
  • —Placing orders once a week or once a fortnight.
  • —Can’t get excited about much of it!
  • —Groceries are mainly ‘non-aspirational’ products (e.g. toilet rolls, baked beans).
  • —Perceived as long and laborious task!
… and the PERFECT Online Grocery Shop.
  • —To bring about a step change in the customer experience online for grocery.
  • —To aim towards effortless grocery shopping.
  • —Move from long-and-laborious shopping to little-and-often shopping.
  • —To bring grocery home shopping to all kinds of internet-connected devices.
  • —To enable 3rd party websites to offer the customer the ability to add groceries straight to their basket.
—Enlisted the help of ethnographic researchers to define customers into three profiles:
  • —Hunters
  • —Gatherers
  • —Groundhogs
Collaboration and Inspiration
—Customers in our ethnographic study were COLLABORATING with members of the family to guide them in decision-making
—They were getting INSPIRATION:

Advice, recommendations and requests of their family, friends and trusted sources (perhaps a TV Chef, a magazine forum or Tesco).


Tesco Hunters


Tesco Gatherers



Tesco Groundhogs

Most engaged group at each step of the process.

Hunter Gatherer Tools
The Whole Picture
The whole Tesco User Picture

By thinking about the custeomer journey, and how people actually behave, developed the concept of their, ‘List’, an app that allows you to make a shopping list and then leads you gently but expertly through a process to being able to purchase the items on the list. —A system of evolving lists from basic ideas (e.g. in the “media inbox”) that become more definite and detailed (actual products) as the customer moved deeper into the Tesco experience.
The Tesco List concept
And the Tesco App…
Tesco List App
—Now, Tesco have given access to a third party developer community who are building apps:
  • —Mobile phones
  • —Recipe sites
  • —Facebook recommendations.
—Why do this?
  • —We don’t have a monopoly of the best ideas!
  • —New ideas will evolve from older ones,
  • —Developers incentivised to create ‘best of breed’ apps through affiliates programme.
  • —We have the catalog of products and the means of transacting with the customer BUT we don’t have the all the best ideas – incentivized 3rd party developers will!!
—Process of evolution – better apps will evolve from earlier apps, removing weaknesses and building on strengths of predecessors.
—These can be apps, web sites, TV widgets, special tablet applications, anything!
  • —Customers only register via our web site – we own the start of the relationship with the customer.
  • —We take payment through our web site using various mobile versions of our payment page.
  • —We pick /pack /deliver the goods, so we have the relationship at the customer’s front door.
To see the full presentation: Nick Lansley Tesco presentation public

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