No shit-kicking delegate list, BLN Growth Forum, 5th July 2011.

You should know us by now. We want quality people to come to our events and we are proud of our no shit-kickers approach to running a great event.

No Shit Kickers

That is why we have a no quibble money back guarantee. If you want to know who is coming to the BLN Growth Forum, 5th July 2011 look no further. We think we have about 5 places left though are working on sneaking a few more through the doors.

Latest attendee list.

Companies: Featurespace,, Inc., 10X Networks, Inc, The BLN, Silicon Valley Bank, Calibre One, Andromeda Capital, Indigo Vision, The FD Centre Ltd, Citi, Cortexica, ARM, Fidelity Growth Partners, UltraSoC, Merrill Lynch, Cognitive Match, FX Capital Group, Ocean Learning, Merchenta, Natural Talents, Amadeus Capital, Chameleon, Accel Partners, Acal Supply Chain, Stoneburn Software Services, Jagex Games Studio, NESTA, Index Ventures, The BLN, Phoebus Software Limited, Cap Strategy/Venturing, SocialGO plc, Grove Group, PneumaCare Limited, Sphere Medical, SEP, Vitruvian Partners, Money Dashboard, Sefaira, Postcode Anywhere (Europe) Ltd, Entrepreneur/Technologist, Octopus Ventures, Sentec, TLcom Capital Partners, Good Energies (UK) LLP, BDO LLP, Fidelity Growth Partners, MiniMonos, Albion Ventures LLP, Incube8it, MMC Ventures, ByBox Holdings Ltd, Incisive Media, One Nucleus Limited, Wild Lion Media, Brandwatch, Abcam plc, Coulter Partners, Atkinson Bolton Consulting, Fauna and Flora International, Darwin College, Cambridge, NESTA, Index Ventures, Groupon, CFO4Growth Ltd, D4 Pharma, Mills & Reeve LLP, MSD, NESTA,, Inc., BDO LLP, STL Technology Solutions Ltd, Cohen Partners, Cohen Partners, MMC Ventures, Touchtype Online, Coulter Partners, FirstCapital, Chesham Holdings Ltd, Aframe,, Mills & Reeve LLP, Breathing Buildings, Taylor Vinters, Sentec, STL Technology Solutions Ltd, Red Gate,, Cheapflights Media, The BLN, Real-Status, ML Electronics, BDO LLP, Chelsea Apps factory, DFJ Esprit, Sigmoid Solutions Ltd, Bailey Fisher, Jefferies, Namaste, PA Consulting Group, Chemist Direct, Business Weekly, Cogniance, Balderton Capital, LinkedIn, Cogendo, NewGene Ltd, SocialGO plc, Incentivated, Startup Intelligence, CamFed, Blackmore Consulting, Cambridge Judge Business School, Kesteven Law, IQ Capital Fund, Augmentum Capital, Oxford Capital Partners, Spirit Digital Media, Clifton Cowley, GE Capital / HEC-Paris, The BLN, TTP Venture Managers Ltd, Silicon Valley Bank, Global Corporate Venturing, PACE PLC, Innovise Plc, Cohen Partners, MMC Ventures, The BLN, Cortexica, Finance Wales, Mills & Reeve LLP, Wind Technologies, PrismaStar, DataGiving, Fauna and Flora International, Halo – NI Business Angels, Mimecast, Workday, Sportingbet plc, Basekit, Variable Pitch Partners, La Playa, Cambridge Enterprise, The Daily Telegraph, PACE plc.

Word Cloud of Job Titles:

Growth Forum 2011 Attendees

Growth Forum 2011 Attendees, Wordle

Great pre-event interview with Jonathan Milner, CEO, Abcam in Business Weekly.

‘Did the IPO help or hinder Abcam’s progress? The former, says Milner. “The IPO brought a degree of discipline that the business was lacking. Any business that is owner-founder managed tends to struggle in balancing the needs of the business against the needs of the owners.

‘“The IPO brought a level of governance and discipline. Once we had the reporting procedures right the rest naturally followed; good investor relations and a whole load of efficiencies. The float process and the disciplines it brings forces you to examine your whole strategy and business model.”

‘Abcam is, by Milner’s admission, “fabulously cash generative.” And that provides a ready war chest for any future acquisitions. There is over £50m on the balance sheet and very little goes into working capital. “The money we are generating is going into cash so we don’t need to raise funds. If we see the right acquisition opportunity we can use some of that ready money for M & A.’