OnMobile 100 – The most US-centric list of ‘global’ private mobile companies’ ever?

AlwaysOn has announced its view of the, “100 top, private companies — plus 14 to watch — that are creating a compelling, connected, and exciting mobile world.” We know that Europe has, sadly, lost the lead on mobile, but this looks like a suspiciously Valley centric list… Hardly scouring the globe.

From what we know from running the Money in Mobile Award where the winners will be announced at the BLN Money in Mobile Forum on June 14th in London, there are a lot of very innovative, compelling businesses with very aggressive growth plans in the UK, let alone Europe. I am itching to share some of the names that come to mind but as the judging process for the competition is still underway, it wouldn’t seem right to share right now but it will be interesting to see how the ten presenting companies, picked from the 48 entrants, compare to some of the companies on this list.

To give you an idea how valley centric this is, check the Wordle…

AlwaysOn Mobile 100 2011

Here is AlwaysOn’s list. See if you can predict the four European companies to feature in the top 100.


Cloud Services


Consumer and Social Networking


Enabling Technologies

Enterprise Applications

Games and Entertainment

Marketing and Sales

The 2011 OnMobile Ones to Watch:

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