Business Model Brain Food

I have listened to three awesome talks on business models recently that have really made me think about how important they are in building a sustainable and successful business. In fact, some of the most successful, disruptive and admired businesses – Xerox, ARM, Google for example, have all been so successful because of the highly innovative business models they adopted.

I wanted to share three talks, two  from our own events, the BLN Growth Forum and Money in Mobile and one from Alex Osterwalder who will be talking at Business of Software this year alongside Professor Clayton Christensen and significant others. All three offer powerful insights into why business models matter and all have something to say that is likely to think about the business model you have in your organisation.

The speakers are Hermann Hauser, Ilja Laurs and Alex Osterwalder.

Hermann Hauser is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist who has personally invested in well over 100 technology companies. Only one of those companies has failed because of technology. Hermann discusses some of the key building blocks of successful companies and illustrates the incredible importance of the right business model to the success of ARM Holdings who have now got over 21billion chips on the market that incorporate their designs.

Ilja Laurs, CEO of GetJar is the founder of the world’s largest independent app store. He talks about business models in mobile content and shows how you should go about deciding what business model is going to work best for your mobile app business.

Alex Osterwalder loves business models. He lives and breathes business models. He has even written a best selling book on the subject: Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers Here he explains why innovation in the business model was critical to the success of companies including Xerox and Google.