Delegate questions for the BLN Growth Forum

What is the one question you hope to answer by attending this forum?

How you build brand and scale whilst keeping focusing on engineering/core skills – How to scale an international business. – How to get huge? – To meet fast growing technology companies looking for investment – How to build and motivate an engineering team. – Crossing the chasm techniques for getting from product launch to profitability.  – How do I know the right time to sell?  – How do we help ensure Cambridge continues to be a vital part of UK plc’s success? – Who will fund Series A – Are there better techniques for managing change associated with growth that I can learn from? – What is the state of business growth currently in this country – Are UK businesses thinking big enough or are they still selling out too early?  – I am keen top learn more on how to scale a nascent technology business in a competitive market – How can I get more value from my big name investor board that is not delivering the things I need? – Where are the best tech centres outside Silicon Valley for a US HQ? – Rapid growth of startups – Should I own my sales channels in Asia or partner with distributors? – To better understand what is needed to grow big rapidly! – How do I break through the £20m turnover ceiling profitably – Considering recent IPOs and M&A transactions, are we in yet another internet bubble? – Should I bother with anything tech-related outside the M25? – How best to grow our software business? – Should we employ local sales people in the US or transplant some of our US team? – How do I stimulate new and simple creativity into a sales team – How do you recruit and incentivise a world-class team – Who are the UK’s most promising growth companies? – Is the CEO’s vision for the business really that important when pitching for investment? – How to grow in a value maximising way, rather than just growing at the expense of the bottom line and long term shareholder value – Just interested in hearing new innovations – How can the business scale via partnerships or acquisitions? – How to grow the business – We are seeing substantial valuations for investment in social networking and similar companies – are investors’ feet still on the ground? – What new business and tech problems are keeping people awake at night? (and what are they doing to fix them) – How rural communities in Africa can benefit from innovation in technology. – What is the meaning of life? – Strategies for scaling through partnerships – Is the UK alive to Entrepreneurship or do we simply play lip service to The Media Dragon – How to help corporates work with and invest in entrepreneurs. – How to maximise sales to increase growth – In which way experienced entrepreneurs would like to interact and mentor very early stage entrepreneurs? – Best strategies for rapid growth – Are UK-based angels interested in the NI deal flow – How to grow – How can I manage potential acquirers efficiently? – What are the strategies for identifying and qualifying the most advantageous overseas partners. – Role of outsourcing in supporting growth – How to scale up in a niche market – At what stage should a Cambridge business leave the fold and expand internationally – How to find the most successful growth path for start up companies. – What implications might the European Sovereign debt crisis have for growth businesses in the UK? – Help with our scaling and consolidation activities and meeting more great execs – Which way is up? – What is the next big thing? – Are investors likely to remain so risk-adverse in respect of early stage businesses or is there likely to be a return of confidence? – Do I have to answer this? – AIM vs NASDAQ for growth tech business with c $12 million profit?