What the data from 2 BILLION downloads teaches you about successful mobile business models

Ilja Laurs, is the founder of GetJar, the world’s largest independent app store that has just announced it has delivered over 2,000,000,000 (2 billion) app downloads.

This gives Get Jar an almost unique insight into who downloads what, where and when. More importantly, that data can offer some pretty useful insights into the types of business models that are most successful. He spoke at the recent BLN Money in Mobile event where he talks about what he has learnt about what makes a successful app business model and how you should think about developing a business model that works for the app you develop.

Did you know for example why most advertising supported apps won’t work? Simply, more than 80% of ad supported apps are downloaded and used once. Once. That means one ad served.

If you are thinking about building a business making apps, or how to optimise your mobile strategy, this is 15 minutes well spent.

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