What inspires entrepreneurs? Passion? Danger? People? No one ever says money.

Had a great talk with Peldi at Balsamiq yesterday, he is on the advisory board for Business of Software and one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs I have the pleasure of knowing. Watch his amazing talk from Business of Software 2010. He pointed me to a video that he draws some of his inspiration from – it features John Nese who knows more about soda and fizzy drinks than anyone else on the planet. Intense passion is a very powerful thing. Here it is.

The other things that seems to inspire entrepreneurs is people with extraordinary skills doing extraordinary things, preferably with a little it of danger thrown in for good measure. In this case, there is a LOT of danger thrown in. Hat tip to Ed Bartlett for the pointer to this.

Incredible is an overused word but this is INCREDIBLE.

Reid Hoffman describes being an entrepreneur as a bit like jumping off a cliff and assembling an aeroplane on the way down. That is a bit like jumping off a cliff and turning yourself into an aeroplane on the way down.

Where do you find inspiration? (Apart from the Business of Software Conference of course).