Business of Software 2011 workshop registration instructions

Here is the final list of Business of Software Workshops.

If you are already registered for the conference, you should go and register for your first choice as soon as you can. As these are workshops, space is limited and demand is likely to be high. You can sign up for the workshops by editing your agenda settings.

For instructions on how to register for the workshops, see here.

Please note that the workshops will be allocated on a first come first served basis so make your choice quickly!

Monday Workshops

  • Paul Kenny,  Rewarding & Motivating Sales People.
  • Peldi, 40 releases a year? No sweat.
  • Alex Osterwalder, Applying Business Model Thinking
  • Nemo Chu, How to Crowdsource Customer Support with Q&A Sites
  • Richard Muscat, Inventing Purple Cows (or how to create Smart Ideas from nothing).
  • Elizabeth Ayer, Market Sizing Action Plan
  • Aaron Schapp, Patrick Foley, Planning for scale
  • Jason Cohen, Ricardo Sanchez, Zuly Gonzalez, Practice your pitch
  • Erik Pelton, The Future of Brands
  • Noah Kagan, Underground tactics to grow your newsletter subscribers to over 100,000.
  • Guy Nirpaz, Using Customer Analytics to Increase Revenues of SaaS Businesses
  • Ernani Ferrari, Workshop: Internationalization & Localization – Expanding software markets.
  • Rob Walling, Writing Game Changing Copy for Websites and Landing Pages

Wednesday Workshops

  • Chris Byers, Changing Horses Midstream
  • Des Traynor, Customer Relationship Management for App Owners
  • Nemo Chu, How to Near-Guarantee Marketing Results
  • Paul Kenny, Sales Skills
  • Beau Adkins, Setting up and managing a software project with Subversion and Trac
  • Corey Reid, Technology hiring/building a development team & the challenges of technical recruiting
  • Dirk Paessler, What do people do to keep their business _online_
  • Elizabeth Ayer, Where it Really Hurts:  finding the pain of your present and future customers
  • Ernani Ferrari, Workshop: Software Product Management – Maximizing investments.
  • Dave Collins, Zen And The Art Of AdWords Maintenance: from exploited to predator in three simple steps.

Purple cow

If you haven’t yet registered, get going! Hope to see you there.