You can help bring the Business of Software live stream to the world.

As Business of Software has developed over the years, more and more organisations have asked how they can sponsor the event.

The simple answer is we have never taken sponsorship at the event as we have always been concerned that it will change the nature of what we are doing. Business of Software is the antithesis of the kind of event I went to recently where a dull session ended with the announcement that after the break there would be the, ‘sponsor panel’. This consisted of four marketing/sales managers from the largest sponsors of the event talking about something. I don’t know what, and neither did 180 of the 200 or so delegates who chose to carry on networking while the panel blew its course. This kind of thing doesn’t do a sponsor any good and it doesn’t do anything for the reputation of an event.

There has to be a better way of running and sponsoring events. Sponsors ultimately reduce the cost of events for delegates. We want to find a better way to help make Business of Software sustainable in the long term, help interesting organisations reach get known by our delegates and readers and allow us to invest in the long term future of the business. We think that is a good thing for everyone.

Organisations want to sponsor Business of Software because we have an extraordinary group of decision-making delegates and a blog that is read by people that matter. We want to let more people to share the learning from Business of Software and have been considering the possibility of live streaming the event this year.

This year, we are going to offer a single option for sponsorship of Business of Software. Sponsors will never have control of the content of the event. If you would be interested in raising your profile at Business of Software, please get in touch. We don’t sell speaking slots, but we would love you to help us spread the BoS word more widely and raise your profile.

Business of Software Sponsorship Package

  • A sponsoring organisation gets two conference passes.
  • BoS will make an additional ticket available to a worthy startup CEO in the sponsors name. We can help match you with a startup if you can’t find one.
  • Sponsors will be offered the option of having a pop-up stand at the conference in the drinks area. Please note, this is NOT an exhibition area and would not be a stand with personnel.
  • Sponsorship $$ will be made available to pay for the livestreaming of Business of Software.
  • Sponsors will be recognised in the sign up process for livestreaming.
  • Sponsors can put their software in the App Sumo bundle.
  • Sponsors will be recognised in a blog post on the Business of Software blog.
  • Sponsorship of Business of Software will be $11,500 to include conference passes.

Please contact me directly if you would like to discuss