Amazon’s Top Business books for 2011.

Amazon’s Top Business Books for 2011 include recent Business of Software speakers Seth Godin, Josh Linkner, Eric Ries.

Some great reads – though is it just me – I am not sure I could ever read a book with the portmanteau EntreLeadership in the title? My favourite read from the list so far is Eric Ries and the Lean Startup. (I haven’t read Jim Collins yet though it is on order).

So the good news is, that Eric Ries is coming to London in January to launch the Lean Startup in Europe and we will be holding an event in central London where you get to hear Eric talk and walk away with a very nifty signed copy of his book. Details to follow soon but keep the afternoon/evening of 16th January free…

You can see Eric in action, with a transcript of his talk, here.

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