Something I am very proud of. Children learning to programme (OK program).

Alexis Ohanian spoke at Business of Software and I didn’t even get a lousy T-Shirt, (or even a Reddit or Hipmunk sticker). He did give away a Macbook Air though:

Less than a month later, we still haven’t worked out whether we covered our costs etc but something very cool has happened:

It is a long way to BoS 2012 (1-3rd October since you asked) and getting next year’s event off the ground feels kind of abstract at the moment though if some of the things we are talking about come off, happy days… The knowledge that some cool kids are learning some basic progamming makes me very happy. It would have made me very happy when I was at school, a long time ago too.

If we could help with a curriculum and some kit, could you put in some time at your local school in your country? mark [at) businessofsoftware. org Maybe you could make a long term, sustainable difference?