The night before the big interview, Balsamiq’s Peldi is worried…

One of my favourite BoS2011 moments came from the interview between the CEO and founder of Balsamiq, Peldi, and John Nese, the founder of Soda Pop Stop.

To find out a bit more about John Nese and why we wanted to get him along, you should watch this…

This is Peldi and co-conspirator, Marco, the night before the interview. Balsamiq’s Peldi gets stressed to the max while preparing the night before his interview with John Nese of Soda Pop Stop. Marco plays the role of John.¬†Peldi, as usual, is worried.

Warning, contains no bad language but there is much giggling.

You can see some of the pictures from the real interview here:

It would be fair to say that none of their worries were realised!