Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-06

  • RT @NeilDavidson If you've made a change at your company based on what you learned from #BoS2011 tweet & tag with #BoS2011 #
  • Dear god – please can I have a cold, some jetlag, a VAT return deadline & a house of screaming trick or treaters? #
  • MIRACLE!! RT @MarkLittlewood Dear god, please can I have a cold, jetlag, a VAT return deadline & a house of screaming trick or treaters? #
  • Looking forward to this afternoon's ecommerce cloud discussion. #ecloud #
  • Today is #BoS2011 commitment day. You just got an email reminder from me. Please help me keep mine! #
  • ! RT @NeilDavidson I left my computer unlocked by mistake. Whoops. I like my new wallpaper so much I think I'll keep it #
  • Morning #BoS2011 committers. Today is the day you should get a reminder email… #
  • +1 RT @Nero . @PJWilkinson @mikebutcher's unique value is in all the other stuff he does for the ecosystem. No other journalist comes close. #
  • Nice work @thedavecollins on your #BoS2011 commitment. Significantly decrapped home page. #
  • The thieving penguins are on the TV! (In the UK anyway). #BoS2011 #NARR #
  • In other news, polar bears apparently wear Uggs. #frozenplanet #
  • Huge thanks to @ericsink for giving #BoS2011 attendees, 'Version control by Example' #
  • #BoS2011 FACT @ericsink's book was written entirely in VIM. This is a work of true geek genius. #
  • 7 tweetable lines from @claychristensen at #BoS2011 from our Puerto Rico correspondent… #
  • "Being in SV feels like you're in a gigantic, porn-star orgy where all that matters is the money shot." #
  • RT @msuster To understand true power of Twitter data – great piece on CIA's use. This is the reason @DataSift exists #
  • 。★。☆。★
    。☆ 。☆。☆
    K A B O O M
    。☆。 。☆。
    ☆。 ★。 ☆ #
  • Anyone want this spare Macbook Air charger? (I think) 18.5v/16.5v output. Cambridge collect. #