Ho ho ho. Happy Christmas from compliance.

There is lots of festive email flying about at the moment and most people will have an inbox chock full of hugely amusing and thoroughly original Christmas/Holiday Season greetings from people you know slightly or companies that you don’t but you had to give them an email address to hire a car from when you were in Ulan Bator so they get in touch at Christmas offering you their best festive greetings and 10% off a car rental you have no hope of ever needing. Or something.

Anyway, nice that some companies are breaking that dull, predictable, tedious mould. Here is may favourite effort this week from one of our customers:

“20 Dec 2011

Annual reminder on ethics expectations and gifts & gratuities to REDACTED  Employees

REDACTED would first like to thank our suppliers for your support in 2011. We’d also like to remind you of REDACTED ’s expectations in regards to ethics & reinforce that our Code of Conduct prohibits our employees from receiving gifts, entertainment or favors from suppliers. Please read the 2011 Ethics, Gifts & Gratuities Letter.

Who is Affected:

All REDACTED Suppliers




Ensure clear communication on expectations for compliance to REDACTED ’s Code of Conduct.

Recommended Action:

We expect that the Supplier view and share this annual letter with the appropriate personnel at their firm.”

Ho ho. Happy Holidays.