What does your potential acquirer know about your business?

I left today’s CFO breakfast forum feeling very inspired – Rupert Cook‘s talk about ‘Blatancy’ and getting the best deal when selling your business should strike a chord with everyone, especially us cold, self-deprecating Brits.

Rupert’s argument is that you should make everyone know, especially your most likely acquirers and investors, just how great your business is. From Rupert’s extensive experience this can really make a big difference on your valuation and how easy it is to sell your company. And best of all this doesn’t have to cost a lot (this part appealed most to our CFO audience).

Blatancy involves a lot of ‘doing’ – speaking and sponsoring conferences, getting impressive stands at exhibitions (the closer to your potential acquirer the better) and winning awards (the more you enter the more likely you are to get noticed). It also involves a lot of writing – blogging, white papers, tweeting and getting analysts to write about you. Appearing to be an authority on your subject will certainly help get the attention of your acquirer.

And most importantly, blatancy involves networking with the right people. Too early to mention BLN CEO Tales, 6-9pm, 8th December, London? Come meet people who may be able to invest in or buy your company. We will also be hearing from Barry Houlihan (Founder, Mobile Interactive Group) who recently sold to Velti for $60m – you can ask him how important blatancy was in getting a great deal for his company. There is a small charge to attend, but if you come and don’t feel you got value, we will refund.

A big ‘thank you’ to BDO for supporting the CFO breakfast and helping promote such insightful thought leadership.