How Tesco profits from mobile

This short and fascinating talk below from Nick Lansley (Head of R&D, Tesco) reveals the real reasons why Tesco entered mobile, their experimental approach and how they increased sales and profit as a result.

Lessons from the High Street over the past weeks show that mobile is where retail is heading and that the early adopters of this channel are emerging as winners. Dozens of brick-and-mortar retailers are going bankrupt whilst the value of mobile transactions in retail is expected to more than double to $200bn globally in 2012 (Juniper Research).

Nick will be sharing his insights about where retail is winning in mobile and where retailers can learn from other industries at our forthcoming MiM Forum 2012 (22nd March, London). If you are in retail and want to know how mobile can make your business money then you need to be at the MiM Forum. Listen to stories of success and more interestingly – failure, join in discussions around real, actionable opportunities in mobile and network with people who are experts by dint of being ‘doers’, not ‘talkers’.

We record and share the talks, but the real value of MiM Forum comes from the people you meet on the day. MiM 2012 is a gathering of the buyers and suppliers of mobile technology that are changing the way business is done.

A limited number of Early Bird tickets are still available – you can buy them here. You will need to be quick though – we completely sold out last year. As with all BLN events, if you attend and don’t feel that you got value, we will refund the full price of your ticket.

Hope to see you there.