Customer experience: the secret sauce of Domino Pizza’s mobile success.

We’re delighted to have Colin Rees (IT Director, Domino’s Pizza) speaking at our forthcoming MiM 2012.

Domino’s Pizza are pioneers of mobile retail selling a record breaking £130,000 worth of pizzas in a single day (13% of revenue that day) on mobile.

UPDATE, since the beginning of 2012, 16% of Domino’s orders are through mobile and growing.

A major part of their success is the fantastic customer experience on apps and mobile web. Not only are they easy and intuitive to use, but they also have some really relevant features (order tracking, for example) that delight their customers.

Colin will be sharing his experiences and insights about creating great customer experiences alongside… (see other speakers and event schedule here). MiM 2012 takes place on March 22nd, London. Early Bird tickets run out on March 1st, so please be quick.