What does it mean for a business to be ‘different’?

As I venture further into the slightly intimidating labyrinth of marketing, I have come across another ‘must-read.’ The latest stepping stone on my journey comes in the form of Professor Youngme Moon’s insightful book entitled Different.

Amidst the Godins and the Scotts of marketing literature who conveniently provide take-away business tips and rather temporary morale boosts, Moon offers some poignant food for thought. In an industry where everyone is desperately competing to achieve differentiation, Moon discusses how in trying to be different, really; everyone stays the same. The book is as she describes it, an ‘exploration’ into what it means to become the sort of brand which deviates from the current convention in ways that reverberate and in ways that speak to us as human. Moon delves into the psychology behind both the consumer and the brand in the hope of bridging that often hostile gap.

It took me a little longer to read this one as I took my time soaking up every passage. Indeed, I feel slightly naive for admitting this but I can honestly say that this book has completely transformed my whole understanding of how marketing works. It’s not only about pretty packaging and slick slogans – if at all. Moon helps her reader, from whatever professional background, to understand that the business world is not just an environment of unending tasks, but rather that it can and should be a space for creativity. She offers the notion that a commitment to differentiation in the advertising and marketing worlds is a commitment to constant conceptual innovation, playing on your strengths and working continuously to generate inspiration.

For a philosophical tilt on the ‘how to’ marketing guides, I would fully recommend this book. You may not be fed those practical ‘how to’ nuggets you are used to, but it will offer you a little breathing space to step outside of your own project and be challenged to think without stereotype, and with sensitivity, creativity and most importantly, differently.

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